Understanding when a guy doesn’t like you

At the root of a woman’s over zealous and even desperate or angry texting is something very simple. It is the fact that the guy really doesn’t like you, and you just can’t accept it. For example, a woman gets blown off by a man she is dating all weekend, and finally texts him on Sunday afternoon crabby and blowing up with the whole, Oh I see you blew me out this weekend again.

What the woman doesn’t understand is that they guy just doesn’t like her enough to make her a priority. And her finagling around trying to impress, trying to be cool with his womanizing, and trying to fake the cool girl act only makes it worse become her resentment will grow and the girl finally pops off then the guy concludes, this is why I don’t like you – it’s how you act! Not so. You are simply responding to a guy that is not that into you in an inappropriate manner, and he is using that as an excuse as to why he doesn’t like you in the first place. When he blew you off all weekend long, you weren’t bothering him a bit. Nevertheless he had better things to do.

Realizing that a guy doesn’t like you, and running in the other direction from him, is always a wiser choice than sticking around pursuing him, or putting up with being multi-dated to the point where it turns you into jealous lunatic stalker.

Here is the mentality to understand. If a guy is not interested in you, he is never going to become exclusive and if you pressure him he is going to come up with a lot of busy at work excuses and lies. The second he finds a woman he is interested in, she is not going to have the same problems with him as you do. He is not going to multi-date, disappear on weekends, blow hot and cold or do all those not into you things. He’s actually going to give that person a chance and he will stop chasing others in a heart beat.

So why will he do for another woman what he refuses to do for you? Because he’s decided you aren’t the one for him. He’ll date and even sleep with you all day long and drag on while he keeps looking.  On the sly or even blatantly, he will be playing a game of musical chairs with multiple women until one really locks in his attention. And, here is the the things that so many woman do not understand. It may not be your looks or personality that is the problem at all. It could be situational factors and things you can’t even begin to understand.

It might be a matter of the fact that she is younger, or that she lives closer to where he lives and where his kids and ex wife lives, or that she has a mansion he can conveniently move into. Maybe she is willing to co-sign a car loan for him and you aren’t. Maybe he decides he can find a better lifestyle or compatability with someone else. Maybe he has a looks fetish that you don’t fit the bill for.  He thinks he can do better.  He doesn’t feel head over heels for you enough.  There are a million reasons it might be her and not you. Not matter what they are, texting him and chasing him and hounding him and badgering him is not going to help. Even being nice and putting up with a cheating abusing relationship like a martry won’t help.  Realizing it’s not going to happen and moving on will help.

If he isn’t into you, and him continuing to pursue other people is a clear indication that he is not, then there is nothing, nothing, nothing you can do to change it. So before you get hooked, addicted, and waste mental energy on him, just let him go find what he is looking for because honestly, that is going to cause you the least amount of pain. A guy who has decided you aren’t the one is going to break your heart if you continue to latch on to him. Not only is he going to break you heart, he is going to waste many years of your life, maybe even drag it on to where you don’t ever have children or get married because of your obsession. So not worth it.

Take the advice from women who have been through it, being completely miserable for six months to a year until he is out of your system is the fastest and most expedient way to escape a go nowhere relationship. Staying and hoping and dreaming and keeping him company while he bicyles like a lunatic or wicked witch of the west through woman after woman, is just a great big waste of time.  It’s like a function in that the longer you stay with a man who isn’t serious about you enough to stop with other women, the more tainted and emotionally damaged and traumatized you will be when it finally ends.

The biggest clues that you aren’t the one for him are that you have texting dysfunction, he continues to see other women, and he feeds you a lot of excuses about why he can’t be in a relationship.  If he has never introduced you to his friends or roommates, forget it altogether.  Lost cause.  If you land on this web site because he won’t text you back or disappears, take it as a big warning sign.  He might be looking for a different and better opportunity and do not take it personally.

Try to work on your personality and your looks to be the best catch you can be, and eventually you will meet someone who is seriously interested in you.  Rest assured, he will text you back and you won’t be having the issues you are having now.  Try not to get obsessed with one guy as it makes it so hard to move on and accept rejection.  It might take a while, but eventually you will feel better and run across someone new.  So much of the reason women get into these text problems is that they just cannot accept no for an answer.  If you are a guy obsessing over a girl, these same principles apply.  Find other things to obsess on.


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