He won’t spend Friday or Saturday with me

If you landed on this website, chances are that you are dealing with a man who really is not that into you.  And one huge sign that he is not that into you, is if he will not spend his Friday or Saturday with you.  Now, it does not matter if he is a doctor that works odd hours around the clock, or if he has a miraculous out-of-town excuse going on weekend after weekend.  If he is interested in you, a Friday Saturday time slot will quickly clear itself.  Don’t be fooled by a bunch of excuses.  If he asks you out on the same day, it does not really count, because that is a case of his prior plan for Friday or Saturday didn’t pan out for him, and you are just the backup plan.  Women, please don’t make excuses for a man who doesn’t want to see you on his weekends.

Trust me that men have time to hang out with all their friends, and they do have time to do fun things on the weekends.  Especially if he is involved into Internet dating, rest assured he does have plans on Friday Saturday and that is why you just are not hearing from him.  Women will allow themselves to be relegated to a week night or a Sunday for months on end, before they ever realize they are not going to be that girl he spends his Friday or Saturday night with.  When the weekends are a black hole with him, he has someone else that he is spending his time with during that blackout.

If you are not in a monogamous relationship, you are just dating.  That means he is going to spend his Friday and Saturday night with whomever he pleases.  If he is not giving you Friday or Saturday night-time, he is simply not interested in you.  Overall, if he is mostly just texting you and hooking up with you here and there and most of the time last-minute or day of, he is just not that interested in you.  Even if he doesn’t have a girlfriend hiding behind his curtain, if he can’t give you Friday Saturday time, he is reserving his time and holding it open for something better that might come along.  He could be doing fun things with friends, or going on other dates, or any combination of those two things.  If you hear from him last-minute on a Friday or Saturday night it just means his prior plan fell through.

Don’t expect a man who you literally just met to suddenly set aside all weekend for you.  But do understand that if he puts you at a priority, he will ask to spend Friday Saturday time with you.  If you accept less for many months, you will find that you’ve been permanently relegated to the fallback girl position.  Once you are in that position, you will never recover from it, not with him anyways.  If you are looking for a boyfriend, date men that are actually willing to give you the time of day, and who would like to see you on their weekends off.  If he just can’t make himself available to you week and week and month after month, the best thing is to let him know that you don’t seem to be a priority to him, and then just move on.  You can continue to string along date him if you like, but the chances are that he will keep you obsessed and harden you from meeting other people and getting on with your own life, which obviously does not include him on the weekends.

If you are into it a few months of dating him, just understand that if he can’t see you on the weekends, he has another girlfriend who he is seeing.  You are most likely the fill-in girl for the lonely weeknight days or last-minute plans.  Move on and don’t miss him too much because he is fine without you.  He’s keeping weekends open to date other girls or to go out and get the chance to meet other girls.  You are with someone who has zero interest in getting serious with you and who simply wants to casually date you.  If it’s your third date then obviously don’t expect to be some huge priority to him.

The red flag of last minute plans and blacked out weekends

It’s hard to read somebody after a handful of dates.  But if you’re dating him has dragged on for months, and still this person cannot seem to give you their Friday or Saturday nights to go do something fun, it just doesn’t make sense to keep him.  All that angst, texting, obsessing, and depressing is a total waste of your time.  The sooner you detox a guy like this out of your life, the better.  You’ll notice that  the better you get at weeding users out of your life you get, the less users you will have in your life.  Men treat you the way you demand to be treated.  If he can’t get off text, and call you, and spend Friday or Saturday night with you months into a dating relationship, he’s just not worth it.  Men are on their best behavior in the beginning.  Make sure never to continue a relationship based on how he was in the beginning.  You should only continue based on how he is acting now.  This will save you from staying in a go nowhere relationship and wasting your time texting, obsessing and pining for him to be like he was when you first met him.

If a man makes you no promises, texts rather than calls you, and can’t make weekend plans with you then all you are is a hookup.  He’ll continue to hookup for as long as you allow it.  The key is to not get attached to someone who doesn’t think you are worth more than a last-minute late night text message.  Sorry to be harsh, but women can delude themselves for a long time that go nowhere relationships will go somewhere.  They won’t.

He won’t take me out


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