People don’t realize how obsessive a compulsive text message habit can become. While texting seems innocuous, it can be incredibly hard to stop texting someone who you are addicted to texting all the time.  As with any addiction, texting can put your relationships with loved ones in danger, your daily job in danger, and even your personal safety in danger.

Hello my name is Patty and I own a network of popular online web sites related to health and beauty tips.  This site is not a gimmick.  I once wrecked a relationship by sending too many obsessive text messages.  Constant texting contributed to fighting over texts, a breakup, and afterwards, it was hard for me to stop texting and accept this relationship was over.  It was a learning lesson for me to lose a relationship I cared about and I do not wish the same outcome for others because it can be avoided.  You have to catch it in time and change your behavior.

I didn’t realize how addictive texting can be for certain people until addictive texting happened to me.  Texting is extremely addictive for some personalities.  I personally know that texting can become part of an overall obsessive behavior.  What you might not realize is that it can borderline on harassment, even stalking if the individual you are texting does not want to recieve the texts.  I’ve learned so much about texting and how it affects personal relationships. Texting even affects personal safety as it creates distraction dangers such as with texting and driving. I’ve done more reading and research on the topic than anyone I know. I have a campy personality and sense of humor about texting yet I do take the issues seriously. I am very educated, well versed on texting, technology, and everything texting. I created this web site on texting to help people who find themselves in a texting problem to realize the following truth:

FYI 4u txt addicts…Don’t let texting obsession wreck a friendship or a relationship…because ultimately you will regret it.

If you have a bad text habit it can lead to serious consequences believe it or not.  Texting seems so cute and innocent.  It’s fun.  But if you start texting for example a romantic interest, and they don’t want to be bothered with constant texts, a negative dynamic takes hold.  The desire to text over shadows respecting the recipient.  The person on the other end of that message may or may not wish to recieve the message you are sending.

Always consider if the person you are sending a text to wants to recieve it.  Every one has their cell phone glued to their side and its far easier than you might imagine to spend too much time on texting.  If most of your communications with someone is via text then you may have a problem. 

It’s a red flag if texting is not mutually desired by the texter and the textee.  Not only that, you might be ignoring the people around you, your job, or doing dangerous behaviors such as texting while driving a car.  In terms of distraction, texting while driving is no different than driving under the influence, or talking on the cell phone while driving.  Even reading a text is bad as your eyes are taken from the road.  That’s why they established the mandatory hands free driving law.  Your hands need to be free from the cell phone as do your eyes. That means no texting and driving at any time, even if the car is paused at a stop.

Compulsive texting can ruin personal relationships that you care about. Your texting can distract you from your job and distractions can lead to accidents or poor job performance.  Anything that distracts you from your daily responsibilities can be problematic.  Texting an ex spouse excessively and failure to refrain from attacking them with text messages that stem from divorce and coparenting stessors is another big problem. Teenage nonstop texting and overly absorbed game playing on their cell phones can become a sore point. Texting obsession can be born out of internet dating relationships that go awry and fail to take off. Yet instead of ending these meetups get stuck in the texting twilight zone. Texting is an albeit unfriendly but very common way people break up with one another too.

AddictionTexting should help you realize if you have a problem with txt messaging.  It lets you know that people do have problems with addictive texting and that there are ways to treat the bad habit and stop text obsessing.  It give you tools and techniques to quit obsessive text behaviors before they cause you any real trouble in your life and love relationships. Have fun!

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  2. Andy says:

    Do you have any information about texting at work or your work relationship being effected by texting? I think this is a growing area within this realm. I hope to see something or hear from you.

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