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Is the seven letter What’s Up text going to be the one that kills you or someone in a driving while texting car crash? Will the one thousand texts you send end your political career? A lesson in text etiquette might help you save that relationship, or your life for that matter.

I read a news story about Detroit Mayor Kirkpatrick sending 14,000 text messages of love and lust to his chief of staff Christine Beatty. That kind of compulsive behavior could bring down a political career. Another news story talked about Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons divorce. He sent 860 texts to his mistriss in the span of one month. It was ammunition for his ex-wife’s divorce attorney. While you are texting you really don’t think much of it, but rest assured for certain people texting can become a real addiction.

Texters don’t realize that they are creating a paper trail that could later be used against them. Whether it be given to a divorce lawyer or sold to a media news outlet like in the case of Tiger Woods mistrisses, text can be used against you after the fact. Some people don’t think through the potential repurcussions when they shoot off crazy half cocked text messages, and other do but still can stop the obsessive compulsive texting behavior.

It’s not just texting and relationships that are problematic, it’s texting and driving and texting and other distractions. You hear the public service announcements of mothers wondering why their teenager had to send the whats up text that got their loved ones killed. Anything that distracts one from the road is a danger, and that includes reading or writing texts while driving. Even if you glance at your cell to quickly read a text, or write a text while waiting at the red light or stop sign, that’s still considered texting while driving ahem.

When you’re text messaging your friend that is sitting right beside you, you gotta wonder where the fad ends and addiction begins. And, it’s not just limited to teenagers. Texting is one of the biggest ways people communicate these days. Text and internet addiction are well on their way to becoming an official psychiatric disorder.

Some lessons in text etiquette can go a long way towards averting or even curing bad text habits. For example, don’t text and drive, don’t text at the movies, don’t text during class or conversations, don’t text in the middle of the night, and don’t use profanity in your text messages. Texts should be short and sweet and not the primary source of communicating with someone.

Always remember that texts have an electronic trail and signature. Imagine the frequency and content of your texts being read by an unintented reader. Don’t send pictures on text that can later be held for ransom. Save important conversations for face to face talk and use other methods of communication not just texting. Enough is enough when you send substantially more messages out to recipient than you are recieving in. When there is an imbalance there is likely to be a problem brewing.

On texting addiction we will go through all of the etiquette that a texter should know. You may not follow it all, yet reading this website should give you enough information so that you think before you text. Having a better awareness of texting addiction can help you back off on the texts and even quit texting when you need to. Trust me you are not the only one hooked on texting. To help treat your texting addiction, be sure to read all the articles on this website, and then think before you text, starting today.

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