#1 sign you are being played is he doesn’t want the public to know about you

When you first get caught up in a relationship you give your man the benefit of the doubt. Dubious excuses and him taking things slowly before going public all sound plausible. It is easy to get drawn into a new guy without heeding obvious warning signs. Sometimes the red flags are waving that you are being played. But you only realize it once its too late.

To avoid being played you have to know how. You have to look for certain signs. Look out for a man who does the full court press on you right away. If he texts you all day and talks all night at the beginning he is coming on strong and soon he will have you wrapped around his little finger. You get drawn in and addicted to his attention then once he yanks attention away you’re hooked and suddenly chasing him!

Players love giving nicknames and making you feel familiar with him so they can progress quickly to an intimate relationship. They also gear talk towards sex more often than not, because that is what they are really interested in, not you. Players shower you with compliments and know how to make you feel like you are so spoiled and beautiful.

Players convince you that their ex girlfriends are psycho and they also portray themselves as someone who can treat you better. They make you believe you can trust them, without ever having to do the work that gains true trust. Players know how to shortcut actions by using a lot of words instead. If his actions don’t match his words, you’ve got a player.

#1 sign you are being played: Facebook

Facebook is invaluable for letting you know if you are being played. A player will not want to be seen in public with you, and public includes social networking public. A player may make friends with you on Facebook initially, but if you bother them about other girls they will be quick to either de-friend you, or go into their privacy settings to make sure you can’t view their public comments.

A player will not want to take you around their friends and family, or let you too close into their social network. It’s not that they are embarrassed of you per-se, its more that they do not want you to run across other girls they are talking to.  Players have a continuous roster of strange girls popping up out of the woodwork as new Facebook friends.  The more a player has going on in his secret life, the more sketchy and private he will be.  He will brush off your questions about other women.

Players do not want to be in a committed relationship because there is a good chance that he is seeing other women or wants to see and pursue other women while continuing to be with you. Players will let you hang around your social network at first but if you start to question him about other girls, his comments on other photos, and so on, he will likely become upset and start icing you out.

If your player is changing his privacy settings, won’t friend you on facebook, lies about having a facebook, says he never gets on facebook, blocks you or threatens to block you, or comments suggestively on other women’s photos then acts like you’re crazy for being paranoid, the your player is defiitely… a player. 

A player will discredit your accusations and insist that women are just friends of friends, high school friends, or acquaintances.  High school friends are generally on Facebook to network and their pictures show family, friends, pets, and so on.  Single women have sexier photographs and it will be pretty evident if someone is flirting with him for real or merely reconnecting with him because they went to high school together.  Women o the make will change photos, show cleavage and sexy shots, and make obvious comments on his Facebook.

A player will never declare a public relationship with you

A player will never put himself in a relationship with you on his facebook. The reason is that he does not want to exclude other play. A normal guy who wanted to be your boyfriend would have zero problem showing you off on Facebook and making his relationship with you obvious. He would want to be associated with you publicly so that he could claim you and vice verse.

Don’t buy into excuses like lets take it slow, these women mean nothing to me, she’s just an ex, you have nothing to worry about. If you are worried, you likely do have something to worry about. A player may post positive comments on your photographs, but there will be similar comments on other women’s photographs too.

A player will erase any comment that suggests you two are together. Let’s say you post a comment on his wall saying you had a great time at such and such a place and will have to do a barbeque next time (or something like that). The player will delete that comment right away. He can flirt on your photos but he won’t be having public comments left on his wall suggesting you two are an item.

His Facebook behavior is a number one give away if he is playing with you. He will be secretive, flirting with other women, act put-out if you question his behavior, will privatize you out so you can’t view his comments, and will even de-friend you if need be. Heck he might even deny that he logs into Facebook at all thereby avoiding the whole problem of you bumping into his other acquaintances.

A player will be too busy scouting Facebook to text you back

If you are being played he will be telling you how he is so busy with work, while meanwhile he has enough time to visit ole Candy’s profile, newly friend her, and go through all of her photographs telling her how gorgeous she looks in several of them.  All the while, being unable to text you back.  Players have no time to text you back but they have plenty of time to spoil other women with photo compliments while … working so hard.

If you’re being played, the Facebook thing will be riddled with problems. If you question his Facebook behavior, the player will try to make you think you are a psycho stalker. A player when it comes right down to it, is not on your side. His only side is his side and he will be all about him. If you bother him, you’ll soon be put out.

A player has an attitude that is very put up or shut up oriented.  As long as you aren’t bothering him, he will keep you in his juggling game but he never will commit to a relatioship with you.  If you are with a player you will spent the majority of your relationship with him obsessing about whether you are in a relationship with him.  All your mental energy will be focused on him, his women, other women, and how to make him do what you want.  Never will he do what you want.  What a player will do is waste an inordinate amount of your precious time.

If you’re with a guy that is relationship material, he will be public about it on his Facebook and he won’t be obviously skirt chasing other women’s photographs either. If you want to know whether you are being played or not, look no further than his Facebook. It is easy enough to tell if you know what to look out for. The sooner you are able to identify a player, the safer your heart will be.

#1 sign you are being played by a player


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