10 Text messages to send your boyfriend

Sweet words of love can get your point across to your boyfriend that you care about him. Texting has become such a popular form of communication for teens and young adults that it can help to know how to send a sweet text that shows him you care.

A great text to your boyfriend is like a sweet nothing. You don’t want to abuse it, but every once in a while a man digs a random love note. The idea is to keep it small, short, and sweet and not to send these type of romantic texts too often.

I love you

Nothing better than to say I love you to him, as an I love you text message is by far the more popular text. Make sure if you send him this that he has told you he loves you before.  It’s always best to let him express that he loves you first.  If you spring this type of text on him before he has let you know what his feelings are, he can get scared of this one. But if you two are boyfriend and girlfriend already, and if he has expressed he loves you in previous conversation, then there is nothing shorter and sweeter than this text message.

I miss you

As long as the I miss you text message is not abused, it lets him know that you are thinking of him. This is always a good thing, so long as it doesn’t come on the hour or by the day. If you haven’t seen him in a while because of work or other obligations you can send him this sweet nothing text. Use a heart punctuation to make an I miss you text message an even better winner in the romantic department.

Wish you were here

Another version of I miss you, but a bit less whiny. He needs to know your life goes on with or without him. The last thing you want to do is make him think you can’t handle life while he is not around. Be independent and strong, as opposed to needy. But if it’s been a while since you’ve seen your boyfriend it pays to let him know that his presence is wished for, which is exactly what a wish you were here text message does.

Can’t wait to see you

Men love anticipation. Anticipation is like cat-nip to them and it ups their excitement about getting together. It’s fine to let him know you adore spending time with him. This pumps his ego and lets him know that he can really make you happy. The most important thing to men is knowing that they can please you. When you are excited to see them, it says it all.

Dreaming of you …

This is a flirtatious and sexy text that lets him know that he is on your mind in a romantic way. Sure to get his imagination running, this cute text is way better than a raunchy sext or explicit text. It teases him while leaving something up to his imagination.  Men love anticipation and fantasy.

I love seeing you

If you can’t say you love him because you have not progressed that far in the relationship, you can let love out in a mellow way that won’t intimidate him. Letting him know that you love to see him and spend time with him is a great way to let him know how much you care without putting him on the spot about love. I love you is a scary word to men as some feel an obligation to return the love or take it as an escalation of the relationship to a more committed level. The I love seeing you text message tones it down but still lets him know that he is truly special to you.

You rock my world!

Again, a man wants to know that he can please you and make you happy. This text lets him know that he is amazing to you and that he has a rare place in your heart. It’s flirtatious and bound to pump up his ego, which men love. Letting him know that Baby you rock my world is fun, flirtatious and sexy without being overtly sexual or explicit.  It’s a perfect romantic text for a girlfriend to send her beau.

Hearing from you brighten my day

Let him know that his text messages to you make you happy. Let him know you are happy to hear from him. One essential trick is to never drag him into long-winded text conversations.   Sometimes a man won’t text a sweet nothing because he fears getting drawn into a 20 or 30 text conversation.  Keep it short and sweet.

Don’t punish him by sinking a bunch of his time when he texts you. Instead, keep it light and let him know you appreciate his texts. The last thing you want to do is suck him into an epic, time wasting conversation that you would have with a gossip girlfriend (not your boyfriend). Let him see you in person to get into depth with you. If he texts you, all you need to do is let him know you like it. Don’t give him a sermon or get into a debate until he tells you he’s busy and he has to go.

Private Joke or memory

This last text message idea has to do with inside jokes or private special times you have had with him. This would be a personal message only he would “get”. If you make him feel like he shares special secret moments with you, he will feel closer to you. A private joke or remember when we did this text message is an insider romantic conversation that only you and he would understand. You might refer to a special night or amazing time you had together. Bringing up special times or moments makes you be closer to his heart. There is nothing wrong with letting him know you think of that special time. It’s romantic and sweet.


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