2 days without texting him

Are you constantly and obsessively texting your boyfriend and girlfriend? Be careful as it may cause damage to your relationship and even lead to a break up. The no texting for two days test is a great way to answer the question: Do you have a problem with obsessive texting?

If you are texting him several times a day he might get overloaded by your constant SMS messaging and start to tune you out. As they say women fall in love in the presence of a man, and men fall in love in the absense of a woman. It’s always good to treat your relationhip with him as a rubber band and let it pull a little and stretch back.

If you find yourself texting him to death you may have compulsive texting addiction. One very simplest tests of your compulsion is to see if you can go two days without texting him.

If you fear that you are treading on the borderline of obsession, see if you can allow two days to elapse without texting him. Starting from the clock on the wall at this minute in time, can you allow 48 hours to pass before texting him? Try it. If you can’t allow 48 hours to go by without texting him, you may have a growing texting compulsion problem on your hands. Run this experiment and see if you can pass the test. Don’t text for 48 hours. Whether you can succeed or fail speaks volumes about your ability to control your text messaging.

If nothing else, passing the 2 days without texting him test will proove to yourself that you have a modicum of self regulating text control. If you fail the test then you have concrete proof that you do in fact have a texting problem brewing. If you failed the 2day test, be sure to read up all the articles on this site about how to stop obsessively texting. Recognizing that you have a obsessive texting problem is the first step in text addiction recovery. Understanding that it will hurt your chances with him is also key. Don’t let your texting habits destroy a potential love connection. I did, and I lived to regret it.


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2 Responses to 2 days without texting him

  1. amber says:

    so i met a guy and we will text everyday all day. he goes to sleep really late and i always fall asleep on him so i would text him in the morning every day and the convo will continue on till i fall asleep again. so this time i decided to not text him when i woke up to see if he would text me. it has been two days. is this normal for him to not text me yet or am i over reacting?

    • admin says:

      Too soon to tell, let me know what happens. That’s the problem with texting too much at the beginning. When one person tapers off things get weird and then you start to over-analuze just like you said. Sometimes a relation starts out as constant nonstop texting. Eventually though, people have to get on with their day and the flurry of texts that are exchanged starts to fizzle. Maybe when you didn’t text him that morning he realized that he should give it a rest and was holding out to hear from you. If you really like him don’t blow him off yet do cut back on the texting until you both text at a more normal pace. A few a day, or a longer conversation every couple of days at the most. Anything more than that is overkill.

      In the grand scheme, texting means so little about a relationship and it can be just a form of useless procrastination. All that matters is if he actually starts to spend time with you. What counts is if he has a place in your real life, not just your cyber text life. If your entire thing is just texting he is only a penpal. Not sure what your texts are about but be forewarned that if his texts become physically explicit, he is less than a penpal, he’s just a horny guy that is using you for idle entertainment and an ego stroke. Don’t let a text buddy drag you down into that status.

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