3 good reasons why texting too much can wreck your relationship with him

Is your man withdrawing from you?  There are many reasons why a man will withdraw, one of which is that he feels pressure or obligation towards a women he isen’t completely sure of.  Women often deal with a man who backs off by trying to step forward and fill in the emotional gap he leaves.  Big mistake.  Don’t let his sketchy behavior turn you into a stalker girl.  Poor text etiquette can drive a man away so fast its not even funny.

Is text message ruining your relationship?

Is text message ruining your relationship? Without realizing it you may be going against the very traits men look for in a woman by showing poor text etiquette. Don’t text too much, don’t ignore him if he asks you to stop texting, if he says he’s busy assume he is. Don’t belittle him or cut him or his friends down on text since that’s a major indication of disrespect as well. Poor text etiquette will wreck your relationship so fast it will leave your head spinning. If you behave inappropriately on text you also risk being downgraded to a good time girl only, not one that is smooth enough to introduce to his friends and family.

Even if he is being rude or just plain disappearing on you, it’s not worth texting him like crazy.  If you text too much your man will be completely turned off.  Regardless of the merits of your texts or whether he deserved them or not, too much texting, being bossy on text, rude texts, and not listening to him are all surefire ways to wreck your relationship with him.

If he is backing off and your text messages are not being returned you should read up on what men want from women.  Listed here are several personality traits men want in a woman.  If you understand these traits that men universally desire then you will understand why texting him too much can be a relationship killjoy for him.

Men want to be supported in their work, so don’t bother them at work with your text messages

Men want to be supported in their work.  If you text your man while he is at work and pester him he will think it fine at first but problematic as time goes on.  If your man is interested in his career and working towards being self sufficient or supporting a family his job is important.  Men tend to be very interested in women they first start dating somewhat like an excited puppy jumping up on you.  Quickly though, they settle down to their real resting state which includes making a living. 

Take his job seriously and act supportive and like you care about his success.  Don’t text him cute nothings all day long while he is at work as this will distract him.  Let him do his thing.  An occasional surprise text is fine, or if he texts you then you can return it.  Beyond that, respect his work hours and keep texting down to a minimum when he is working.

Men want their confidence boosted, so don’t point out all their faults and failings on text message

Some women text message when something is amiss.  Perhaps there is a fight or issue at hand.  Women may feel like they are not getting the love and attention they deserve so they start to text complaints about this to their man.  Once a month when hormones rage they might take out an issue on text message with him.

Women easily slip into insult hurling when they feel like they are being shut out.  Try not to fall into the trap.  If you are upset and start to cut him down on text message he’ll just see blaring negative, negative, negative.  He’ll think wow is this all she can do is complain?  He’ll think I will never make her happy she’s too pushy, needy or high maintenance.

Don’t cut your man down on text.  Men want a woman who boosts their confidence not cut them down for not acting right.  Even if your man is in fact guilty of poor behavior and your issue with him is justified don’t convert that into insulting him on text message.  The biggest danger is when you start up a fight iterating every thing he has ever done wrong in the past.  Don’t do it.

Try to be supportive and boost your mans confidence rather than cut him down.  He’d much rather feel like he’s doing the right thing than the wrong thing.  If you constantly badger and harangue him with text messages it’s the exact opposite of boosting his confidence.  Try to be confident in him, and give him plenty of space.  Trust him.  If something has your concern wait until you see him and bring it up diplomatically at that point. 

A woman who boosts her boyfriends confidence and stays calm in the face of disagreements reigns supreme.  Think twice before you cut your man down with insulting texts as this is not a desirable trait he’ll be looking for in a girlfriend.  You issues will carry more weight if you wait and bring them up calmly sticking to the issue at hand.  He won’t be able to use the old the blame it back on your crazy texting routine to shirk his wrong doings.

Men want you to listen to them, so don’t ignore them and keep texting if they’ve asked you to stop

Have you ever had a man tell you that he is busy and doesn’t wish to be bothered?  Take these words seriously.  Men want a woman who really listens.  If he doesn’t want to be bothered don’t bother him.  He may be doing something sneaky or just even blowing you off but don’t bother him.  Don’t question it and delve into more texts asking him just what he’s so busy doing.  The point is that regardless of what mischief he is into, he means it when he says he’s busy.   He thinks he is busy, and that you should respect that, because that’s all that counts.

Men want women who really listen to them and often times women don’t.  Their own needs get escalated and then they literally bowl over the mans needs.  A man will leave an aggressive women like this very quickly.  If a woman just doesn’t listen he might give her a few chances.  But if he realizes that she literally can’t follow through and the problem is recurring then he may look elsewhere for another woman who does listen.  If he complains you don’t listen to him believe it as this is a biggie no-no with men.

Men want to be treated with respect, so don’t disrespect them on text if you expect to be seen with them in public

Men want to be treated with respect.  The biggest element here is that men don’t want to be anywhere near a woman that makes a scene in public.  Do not get into a big fight in public unless you want to break up.  Don’t yell, scream or belittle him in a public place.  A man might have a crazy good-time girlfriend that he uses in a physical relationship. But if she’s an embarrassment and he wouldn’t be sure of her being demure around his friends he won’t import her into his life.

If you show disrespect your man will most likely dump you.  Disrespect can be shown pretty quickly on text message.  And the minute you do, is the minute your relationship is doomed.  Don’t criticise his family or friends whatever you do.  Don’t take kitten swipes at his female friends or former girlfriends.  Don’t hurl insults about anybody he knows or is hanging around.  Don’t send texts when he’s already told you not to.  Being able to listen and be respectful is critical.

Just a note that being respectful does not mean being a pushover.  Have your standards and boundaries solid and in place.  If he crosses one of your personal boundaries give him a clear concise warning on it then drop it.  If he does it again, spend way less time with him.  Girls tend to bottle everything up that bothers them and then implode into an enraged text session.  Don’t do this.  When he crosses a boundary let him know quickly and to the point.  Don’t get repetitive or ballistic and drive it into the ground.  You can stand your ground on issues while still being respectful of him.  Keep your cool.

Don’t embarrass him in public.  Please know that if you embarrass him in personal text message exchanges, you may not even get to see him in public.  Men do judge and if you act like a dumb rude person on text message he will extrapolate that to the judgement that you will act like a dumb rude person in real life.  A mans mind works very simply and in a binary like fashion.  Conclusions will be drawn. 

If you don’t know how to act on text message it stands to reason that you don’t know how to act in public either.  That’s how men think.  Before you violate his privacy, badger him, or attack him with text messages step back and think.  If you aren’t presentable on text you definitely won’t be presentable in public in his mind.  If he can’t get you to stop texting he’ll know that you just don’t listen and he’ll assume that he won’t be able to tolerate your behavior in a relationship either. 

Men need private time without you, so don’t invade their privacy with your text messages

That saying that men fall in love in the absence of a woman and women fall in love in the presence of a man should be taken to heart.  Men are notorious for needing private time without you.  They are usually doing mundane things like unwinding, watching or playing sports or pursuing a hobby.  Leave them alone to do their thing.  One situation that keeps a man very busy is if he is a single father.  Single fathers get into their kids even more than married ones do!  They value quality alone time with their children.  Expect a single father to go missing for longer periods of time than men who don’t have children.

Trailer park texting will get you dumped, downgraded or just plain wreck your relationship. Don’t swear, curse, yell, insult, make accusations over text, ignore his request to stop texting, or go generally crazy on text message. If you trailer park text you will not have him as a boyfriend for long if at all.  Hopefully these tips and traits will help you realize that bad texting behavior with a man will make him think that you behave badly in general.  Don’t allow poor, tactless text etiquette wreck your relationship with a man you love.


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