#3 Reasons he stopped texting you back

Are you wondering why he stopped texting you back? Wonder no more!  Here are 3 of the most likely reasons you stopped getting a response.

The initial flurry of his text messages only lasts so long

When you initially start dating someone this is like a new toy situation.  You are obsessed with the toy, interested in the toy, can’t put the toy down.  Usually, this interest lasts a few weeks.  Eventually you become familiar with the toy and do not need to play with it as much.  In this situation the new toy is you.

Should you get upset that the initial flurry where he boosted your ego by texting you all the time and was immediately responding to your text, is over? No you should not.  Men can’t sustain this amount of gab.  Once they get to know you a bit they want to settle back into normal life, and normal life does not involve 20 texts a day.

The best way to handle your stress when the texts die down, is to simply adapt.  It is not about blowing him off, becoming hard to get, or anything like that.  It just means you should ebb your texts down to the pace he seems comfortable at, without getting upset with him.  I have a secret that letting him establish the texting pace tells you a lot about his interest level.  If you still hear from him every couple of days, that is a good sign.  If you don’t hear from him for a week or more, that means he is likely seeing other people and still views your relationship as casual.

Instead of freaking out over the die down of texts, just adapt to it.  Furthermore, use his texting pace as in indication of how interested in you he really is, and act accordingly.  If you let your feathers get ruffled over the initial flurry of texting dying down a bit, you will only drive him away.  Instead of freaking out and getting ticked off, adapt.  He has to want to contact you.  You can’t create a relationship just because you want one.  It takes two.  Pushing on him won’t help.  Being an amazing, bubbly, and fun to be around person with your own life and interests, will.

Your texts don’t inspire a response from him so he ignores them

So he used to respond to you all the time, now, he just reads your texts and all you get back is silence.  Guys do this.  They do this to let you know they are dating other people and aren’t going to be your slave.  They do this because they want you to recognize they have all sorts of other goals and problems from their job to their living situation to their social life with the boys.  If he responds less, text him less.

Girls like to chat about everything.  Everything might be, what they have to do today, what errand they are currently running, and whatever thing just happened.  Girls have the urge to tell men they are dating gory details about their day-to-day life.  If their day-to-day life is boring girls stat to dream of silly things to texts about.  If you texts are filled with idle whereabouts, your status, what you did that day, funny jokes, comments you think are cute, and sweet nothings you invent just to text him, stop.  The main reason a guy will start to ignore your texts is that the texts are all fluff.

Men are action oriented.  If he wants to see you, he will be responsive in setting up a date or meet-up.  If he needs to talk to you, he will text.   When you first meet him he will text to the sweet nothings, but very quickly he will revert to man-text mode, which is action oriented.  If you are sending him fluff, they just corrupt his airwaves.  He also is getting conditioned that you are going to text him all the time, so he adapts to that by only texting back every once in a while.  Silently, he is clearly telling you to stop texting him as much.

If your texts aren’t inspiring a response, you are likely sending more useless texts than he wants to tolerate.  Text less and get busy with other things in your life.  Eventually if he likes you, he will start to wonder what you are up to and you will hear from him.  Just remember, a man has a miraculous way of responding one day too late.  That means, from the time you are totally ticked off that he hasn’t contacted you, allow for a few more days to actually hear from him.  Men can stretch the silent rubber band 3-7 days longer than you can.  Before you get miffed and blow up his phone with texts because you haven’t heard from him, give him a 3-7 day grace period.  You’ll be surprised.  He will eventually surface if he is interested in you.

He is lowering your expectations and may be seeing others

If you hear from your man every few days, and he responds to texts you send within say 24 hours, you can assume that he is still interested in you.  If on the other hand, you find yourself not hearing from him for a week, he is telling you something very loud and clear about his interest level.  This is a man who is not interested in you as his girlfriend.  Texting a girl on a once a week pace means he is just casually dating you.

If a man is casually dating you, you will hear from him maybe once a week or so.  What this means is that he is definitely dating other women.  Therefore, instead of pining and staring at your phone waiting for him to finally text you, spend your time realizing there is some other woman in the background that he is texting.  Act accordingly.  You can’t make him date you exclusively, you can’t make him text you more, you can’t make him drop other people.  If you are dating a good-looking guy, he definitely will have other action and other opportunities.

A man is sending you a clear message with his text pace.  If you keep bothering him and he has other stuff going on, he is going to start ignoring you and pacing down his responses.  What this means is that he is lowering your expectations without explicitly telling you in words.  His lack of texts, and lack of responses, definitely is him saying something.  What he is saying is that he is not interested in intertwining into his life as his girlfriend.  He is interested in dating you at a casual pace while he keeps his options open.

If weekends tick by and you don’t hear from him, don’t take it likely.  Men value their Friday and Saturday nights and he definitely has plans, they just are not with you.  The bottom line is that if he reduces his contact pace, he is letting you know loud and clear that he does not want you to be his girlfriend as yet, and that he is pursuing options with other women.  Take stock of whether you are having intimate relations with him.  If you are, you may want to back off as this is a recipe to get hurt. 

You really don’t want to get physical and then have him drop off the face of the earth for a few weeks because that hurts.  If you are only hearing from him once a week or less, you may want to reconsider a physical relationship.  Get busy, get more unavailable, and make sure he demonstrates some signs of actually liking you.  That means, he spends quality time with you, goes out in public with you, introduces you to friends, and shows you where he lives.  Usually a reduced text pace is accompanied by other clear signs that he is simply not that interested in a girlfriend relationship with you. 

Don’t provide him with lots of excuses like he is busy, he just got out of a relationship, he doesn’t know me that well.  Creating excuses for his lack of contact or reduced contact is a total waste of time.  It’s you and wishful thinking and no more.  No matter what goes on in his life, he does have time to contact a girl that he is really into on a regular basis.  If he is not contacting you regularly, he may not see you as girlfriend material.  Instead of pining away for him, keep your eyes peeled for other dating opportunities.  I guarantee you, that is what he is doing.

Hopefully this article helps you understand that men text less after the initial novelty of meeting you wears off.  When they become unresponsive, they are sending you a clear message that your texts are useless, and that you are texting them too much.  When they start to fade out on you, the message is that they are keeping their dating options open and most likely seeing other people.  So should you.

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