3 Tips for texting girls

So you finally met a really pretty girl the other day or evening. Game on! Now you want to start texting her and initiate conversation so you can ask her for a date. You might be really excited you got her digits but first sit back and relax. If you want her to go out on a date with you, you need to know the right way to ask her out. Texting is a powerful way to get her to like you, be responsive and agree to go out with you. Here are three tips that can help you get with the girl of your dreams.

Don’t be boring

You want to attract her through her emotions and to do this you need to be a cool guy with plenty of things to do, people to do them with, and places to go. The more you have a life, the more she will want to be part of it. Therefore, don’t complain or act boring with your texts. Boring, dull, logical and useless texts will not spark attraction.

You don’t have to tell her where you are or what you are up to. Remain elusive. Your texts should be infrequent but when she gets them, they should be gems. That means you want to be fun, attractive and charismatic when you text her. Say something flirty, funny or unexpected. How are you, is sort of boring. What’s a gorgeous girl like you up to, is more decorative. It pays her a compliment and is a whole lot more fun than How are you.

Make her imagine you two together

Once you get her comfortable and feeling happy that you contacted her, your emotional connection is set. You next texts can set up a situation where she imagines you two together. For example if she says she’s working or running errands, you say something funny like, Hmm sounds like you’re asking me to come up there and create some trouble. As ridiculous as it sounds, it sets her up in her mind that she needs to get together with you to spice up her mundane life.

Ask her to meet up

You can smoothly transition into casually asking her out. She’s picturing you two having fun, and you’re picturing yourself getting … intimate with her. That’s a good vibe right there. She knows you can make things happen and show her a good time so you just randomly suggest something.

If she wants to go out with you she will nibble at the suggestion. If not, she will ignore what you said. This is a great way to find out whether she’s into you without having to get rejected. If she doesn’t nibble back like, yeah I want to see you or something like that, then drop it and ignore her for a while. This will teach her that if you come knocking she better jump at the chance to put a suggestion into action. Otherwise, you get busy and she has to wait.

Push pull technique

If she doesn’t openly express interest in meeting up, leave it along and let her sit for a while, then try again and see if she responds positively. The idea is to be exciting, make suggestions about you two doing something, and presenting a window of opportunity for her to see you such that if she doesn’t jump at the chance, she’ll have to wait a while for another opportunity. When she views the chance to see you as a window of opportunity that might slip away, you’ll get her agreeing to anything you suggest.

Mastering these three tips should help you get the girl you like into you. Don’t text her everyday because she won’t get that innate feeling like she has to jump at the chance to spend time with you. This is push and pull and it helps create emotional attraction. It’s like a magnet you are either pulling her towards you giving her the chance to see you, or pushing her away by losing contact for a short while.

Texting girls tips


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