3 types of texts you should probably never send your girlfriend or boyfriend

Don’t send texts about the news

Given that dating and texting go hand in hand these days, have you noticed that you have an urge to send sweet nothing texts to your guy or gal? If you are infatuated with someone then the urge to text them comes even when you may have nothing meaningful to say. Since you are out of new content, you may start texting them about unrelated things, such as the news.  Texting irrelevant comments is a bad idea and akin to spam texting.

Peple want to hear the news from the news, and not from your text messages. Bingo, you text too much. It’s called text spam. Just because you just found out Whitney Houston passed or that Demi Moore split with Ashton Kutcher, or Brad Pitt conceived his umpteenth baby, doesn’t mean that your lover cares to get such informative texts. You might even be forcing a two way text conversation where there is no common ground. It’s like a Venn Diagram or two overlapping circles, and you both are in the non-intersection parts without being in the shared interest part.

People want to get the news from the news, not when you relay the news second hand in a text to them. They don’t want a text news recap. Unless there is a major catastophe or something going on with your family, there is no reason to text world news or celebrity gossip. People want to watch the news that they are interested in. They want to look up on CNN what they want to hear about. If want they want read about who won the Superbowl the lotto numbers and recent sports news, do you think they care about you and your celebrity gossip? Nope.

If you find that you are re-blabbing useless comments, then you may as well be one of those spam chain letters where they are telling you to send the chain onto twenty other people or face a ghost with claws at 3:00 am next time you look in the mirror.  Try to stick to texts that you are both interested in such as making plans with one another.  Keep the other off-topic stuff out of it.

Don’t whine on text

Whining on text is a big no-no. Let’s say you get into a tiff with your lover and you really want to make up. The effective way to makeup would be to leave them alone for a while and respect that they do not wish to hear from you.  After about a few weeks or a month you can always text them and see whats up. If they’ve missed you then they may pick up the bait and start talking to you again. If on the other hand, when you whine complain daily about how mean and insensitive they are being using 10 texts a day to do it, do you think that will help them soften up their attitude? No. The only thing that 10 whiny texts a day will do for them is send them running to the hills. They’ll be running from the police, the whine police which is you.

Don’t go emotional on text

Getting unglued and going emo on text is a really bad idea. Usually, you don’t even mean the things you say, you say them one too many times, and you don’t know when to quit. An emotional outpouring will only serve to drive your love interest away. They are not going to want to deal with a person that can’t keep their emotions in check and rise above it. Even if they do make up with you and continue to date you, they will likely be looking for a new date as well. The new date, will be able to handle themselves and not go emo and off the deep end on text.  They’ll be looking for someone with a stable emotional constitution.

Another downside of being emo, is that once you do it just one time, your lover officially knows about your propensity to execute the emotional outpouring behavior. They know that if they text you back they might get dragged down into a heinous discussion about the fight. Your lover might even want to make up with you as well, but they resuse to step into text quickstand. Why do they refuse? Because they know how you are. They know that they can’t just send one text message and get on back to what they are doing. If they dare send a text message they know that means getting an avalance of texts all day long. The more of an emo psyco texter you become, the more scared they are to communicate with you because they don’t want to have to text you back all day long. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. If you text way to much then once someone lowers the boom on you and cuts you off they’d be hard pressed to start up with you again because they know exactly what will happen which is nonstop texts from you anew.

To keep your relationship in the stable zone and hpoefully going somewhere, don’t text news tidbits, don’t whine on text, and don’t go emotional on text either.   Avoid these three texting behaviors and you’ll find that you might hear from your love more often. The less scared they are to send you a text message the more likely they will send a message. The key is to realize your partner has feelings too. your partner might be thinking Oh god I do like this person but if I text them then I’ll be back into getting annoying texts all day from them and I don’t want that. No (they’ll think) I am not going to risk it and so I am forced to stay out of contact so I can meet someone who is not a needy text addict.

Don’t get yourself permanently dumped just because your partner has learned that talking to you is a bad idea judging from your past behavior.  Don’t become quicksand in your partners eyes.  Remember to use proper text etiquette so that you aren’t driving people that you care about away.


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