5 Red flags that she is not the one

It is difficult to find “the one” as they so succinctly call is.  When dating, you always want to find the answer to that age-old question “is she the one”?  Things seem perfect at first but as you get to know her, red flag behaviors will no doubt materialize.  Here are five such red flag behaviors that indicate you should rethink your involvement.  Women who act in the following ways, may not be the one, unless of course you want to be miserable!

Red flag #1: She is not the one because she is nosy

If she is nosy, she may not be the one.  Remarks such as “Who was that” indicate a tendency for her to take on nosy behavior.  The worst type of women will behave like this routinely, and be up in your business.  If she is the type to get up in your business, you may wind up with a total psycho on your hands.  Examples include eavesdropping on your conversation, trying to see who is calling you when the phone rings, or looking over your shoulder when you use e-mail.

A little bit of jealousy in a relationship can be a perfectly natural and good thing because it does show they care.  But when the jealousy starts manifesting itself to the point where boundaries, personal space, and your privacy are violated, it is time to realize that she is not the one.  If she snoops your text messages, trouble ahead.

Red flag #2: She butts in to conversations

A girl who is the one for you, should fit in nicely and naturally in to your social network.  You should never be embarrassed of what she might say or do in front of your peeps.  She should not have to be phony to gain the approval and acceptance of your friends and family.  If she is the one she is going to take care to act polite and demure around your social circle.   If she rants and raves on text message, just what is she going to do out in public?  She can’t be trusted to stay calm, and that spells relationship trouble.

A girl who injects herself into conversations and then starts blabbing is trying to compensate for her own insecurity.  If she launches into stupid anecdotes right after someone else has told a story or hijack conversations, you won’t be able to take her into you work world and ever feel comfortable.  If she interrupts, takes over, or acts bossy, she is trouble.

Red flag #3: She is all about lets talk

If she is all about the whole we need to talk thing, she probably won’t be the one.  Girls who go overboard on the whole communication thing will only drive you bonkers.  They are going to call you to talk on days when there is literally nothing to talk about.  Then when you don’t want to talk she will be all, talk to me.  Girls who text you uselessly throughout the day importing zero information of consequence are going to drive you just bonkers.

Red flag #1: She is always like, I told you so

Girls who want to rub your past mistakes and misjudgments in your face are going to make you hate their guts.  It she always has to point out the failures, it will make you resentful.  I told you that he is a lousy friend, I told you that was a bad idea, I told you not to hang out with him, I told you, I told you, I told you.  There is only one thing worse than a homely girl and that is a pretty girl who has I told you so coming out of her mouth all the time.

Personality really matters and if she is not a positive upbeat girl then she is definitely not the one.  You don’t want a finger shaking in your face do you?  Girls that dwell on mistakes and regrets will never validate you and make you feel good about your decisions. If you are getting nagged at, text interrogated, quizzed on why you did this or that, or emasculated on text for your wrongs, trouble.

Red flag #4: She’s attached at the hip

A girl who want to go everywhere you go is going to be way to controlling and smothering.  If she always gets upset when you go off to tool around on your own or with buddies, she won’t be the one.  Every time you try to do something with the boys she will be objecting to the plan, or trying to inject herself into the plan and nagging you if she can’t come along.

A girl who won’t let you step foot in a room without her being in that same room, is going to forever annoy.  If she is psycho controlling as to where you go and micro-manages your whereabouts until you feel like you have an electronic surveillance anklets on 24/7, she is not the one.  A girl who is the one is going to be a little more independent.  She will go off and have her own friends too, and won’t be monitoring your every move.  If she has her own life going on, and her own social circle, it is more likely she will give you the independence you need to feel un-smothered.

Red flags: 5 Red flags she is not the one


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