5 Signs he is not boyfriend material

The biggest reason women are texting about how they are psycho texting these men are that they are continuing to cling onto men that just are not boyfriend material for them. Now here is the main point. They may be boyfriend material in general, but they are not boyfriend material for you. Women do not want to accept this. This is why they date a man for a few years who never commits, then he suddenly commit to the new girlfriend. The fact is, he may well commit to someone else, just not to you.

There can be many reasons he will not commit to you, the fact that he doesn’t need to in order to keep you around is one, but it really comes down to he determines you aren’t the right girl for him. It could be a million reasons you are not the right girl in his mind. Some may be your fault, some may be totally random things that you have not even considered. Women tend to think of themselves and their needs in a relation, and fail to realize the man is calculating too. He is looking for many things above just looks and a good personality. It could be age, relation, social circles, geography, his physical preferences, or basically anything.

The important thing is to realize not to keep banging your head against a man that you know will be a good boyfriend (to somebody) but he really is not carrying that out with you. Stop being in love with hopes and dreams and get down to the brass tacks of how he treats you. If you look more at what he is really doing, rather than his potential, you get a better perspective. Here are some signs that your boyfriend (or girlfriend for that matter) is not ever going to come through as a real boyfriend. Ever. This may be the reason you find yourself caught up in pursuing him, texting him, chasing him and eventually acting crazy. Look for these signs, and when you see them, please reconsider dating the guy altogether lest you drive yourself crazy and waste precious time. This is most important to spot during your 20’s 30’s when you are looking for commitment and have a time clock running to start a family. The sooner you recognize and leave a man like this the better.

He only text

It does not matter that everybody only texts in this day and age! If his only communication with you is texting, he is sending you a direct message that all you are is a booty. Guys that really like you call you up on the phone as well, because they actually want to talk to you! They will text when it is convenient, but they will also talk on the phone – willingly! Yep, it is true. A guy that genuinely likes you will talk to you on the phone.

He disappears

Men that are serious about you do not disappear for weeks at a time. They talk to you every day or two. Just think of yourself, if you really liked someone, would you ignore them for two weeks and then send them a What’s Up text? No, you would talk to them on a regular basis. People who are into each other stay in touch. They do not drop off the face of the earth for weeks on end.

Talk of the future omits you

If he never talks about the future with you, you are not going to be in it. For example, if he says well I need to get my financial ducks in a row before I can commit, right to your face, well there you go. Essentially he is saying he will not commit to you. This type of person tends to casually date until they do have their act together and then and only then do they meet a brand new person they want to be with. He is basically discounting you right to your face. Also, if a man falls for a woman all his dreamt up problems and reasons for committing magically disappear. Suddenly, having a girlfriend seems like a great idea. If you are never mentioned in his future, and there is no We, then trust me, there is n We.

Your needs don’t exist

A man who is not going to be serious with you, does not care about your needs. Trust me, if he is into a girl, he cares about her needs right down to whether she needs a refreshing ice water placed into her hands. When your needs do not exist in his mental landscape, it really is because he does not care. When he cares about a girl, her little itty bitty needs are quite important to him. Let’s say you let him know that you prefer some phone calls and not just texts. But months later, all you are getting is texts. That means he does not care about your needs for real communication other than just texts. When a man ignores all of your needs requests, he likely does not care about those needs whatsoever. And, figures you will still be around so he doesn’t even have to bother.

He make you feel bad

A man who is not going to be with you, will constantly sabotage the relationship, and even go out of his way to create fights and setback the relationship. You will find him treating you with the one foot out the door treatment. Basically, you are on borrowed time, and anything you do to piss him off is going to make him make you feel bad about yourself. It is to the point where, he will start to make you think you are crazy and you may well start to act crazy. He is the crazy-maker. Why? Because for whatever reason you will never be good enough for him and he will find reasons, trust me. This is a man who has predetermined he will never seriously be with you. Nothing you say or do will change it and if you bend yourself into a pretzel trying to be the perfect girl eventually you will grow incredibly resentful and your keg will blow. Then he will say See, this is why we aren’t serious. It will be a never ending rat argument about how you aren’t good enough. That, or you being silent and putting up with poor treatment while making no demands. You would be surprised, and man in love will put up with quite a bit of shenanigans from a woman he loves. And, all her little needs and issues will matter to him.

A man who is not into you will ultimately make you feel bad about yourself. Sure, many times there are flaws in what you are doing and how you are acting that contribute to this lousy treatment you get. And you need to always strive to improve yourself both mentally and physically so you can be a great catch. But in many cases, there are a myriad of reasons that a man decides you aren’t the one. Sometimes it is you, sometimes timing, sometimes him, sometimes things you cannot even control. The point is, that no matter how great a guy you think he could be, he is only the guy that he actually is. The sooner you realize that the sooner you will get into reality with a man and get out of the but he could be so great wish mode. He probably will be so great, eventually, but just not with you.

To review, when he only talks to you by text message, generally ignores or does not care about your needs or requests, drops off the face of the earth without contacting you regularly, fails to discuss the future with you factoring into it, and makes you feel like you are not good enough, there is little hope for a lasting relationship. This is a description of an enemy, more than it is a description of a boyfriend. The longer you put up with this sort of man in your life and put your life on hold for this man, the more time you waste. Especially when you are at a point of wanting a commitment and even children, you should not waste time with a go-nowhere man.


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