A few things men wish you knew about texting Them

There are a few things men really wish you knew having to do with love, sex and text.  Here is a quick summary of what men wish you knew about tex message.  You should read this advice before you start with the obsessive text messaging.

Time flies differently when you’re a man

Women count time down to the second. If they are obsessed with a man they will stare and I mean stare at their phone. Sometimes they get so upset about not getting a phone call from a man that they start to do the texting him instead thing. They text the man becoming the agressor thinking that they’re getting away with being subtle since it’s not a phone call.  Men want you to know it’s not subtle.  Contact is contact, and women should be well aware that if you’re texting and texting you’re contacting him just as though you were calling him up on the phone repeatedly.  He wants you to know that you’re not fooling anyone but yourself.

Men would like you to know that time flies differently for them. A second for a woman could be a couple of days for a man. If he doesn’t text you right away relax. It does not necessarily means he doesn’t care. Before you haul off and text him insults because he hasn’t texted you enough, relax. You may be starting a fight and putting him on the defensive for nothing. He might well care, but texting you constant reassurances about it all week long, just isen’t his thing.

A woman with quiet confidence is sexy to a man

Confidence is sexy, whereas insecurity is not. If you’re confident about who you are it is sexy. Don’t be text messaging him all the time out of neediness and insecurity as it will only repel him away. Sit tight and be confident in your ability to attract him to you.  Instead of waiting by the phone desperately, go run your life and let him come to you in time. The best thing a woman can do to attract her man is to be herself and to have quiet self confidence.

Men need to have a deeper connection with a woman than just the physical and flirtation.  A confident natural woman is sexier than a desperate woman. You need to be comfortable in your own skin and not dependent on him for your happiness. A woman dressed in fancy lingerie and trying to impress him with naughty texts and photographs will only work to catch his attention for so long. Natural beauty, self-confidence and being yourself reigns supreme. Likewise, sending trite cutesy anecdotes on text will seem phony to him. Don’t try to impress him with witty texts as he will more than likely view such messages as superficial, meaningless, stupid comments.  Talking about love won’t make him love you more either.

Don’t play games

In that moment when you lock eyes with him, you hold more power than you realize. When a man cares about you he might try to hide it or pull back, but his stomach is going to feel like a slushy machine. If you have his attention, he is hopelessly yours. When a man is attracted emotionally to a woman there is nothing he can do about it, she’s got him.

To increase his attraction and make him emotionally attracted to you, you need to act like your natural authentic self. Being natural is the single biggest turn on for men. A man is turned on knowing what you feel and will not be smitten if you play too many games. Don’t play games on text or be downright rude.  Remember that he can save those messages and grow to resent you for texting.  Be yourself without playing games and he will love you more for it.

Cutesy texts with stupid acronyms like lmao and even lol should not be regularly used by a woman. Insecurity and teenage behavior is a turn off whereas a mature emotionally secure and stable woman is a turn on. Men are cavemen at heart and simple truths will get through to him more effectively than half truths. To a man, one plus one does equal two. Instead of getting overly cutesy and chatty on text just say it like it is, without over saying it or repeating it. He might be stuck in the stone age but he can hear you and he can read and write. You don’t have to beat a subject into the ground to get a point across to him.  If you can’t stop texting it will make him tune you out more than anything else.

Give him the benefit of the doubt

Sending text messages accusing him of lying and attacking him for perceived evil will not attract him at all. Ripping him a new one with a text rant if he failed to text you, call or follow through with plans will not go over well with him. Giving him the benefit of the doubt will. Men want love, loyalty and chemistry above all. Before hurling accusations consider giving your man the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he really was busy at work when he told you that he was busy at work.  Maybe he wanted you to respect his priorities and recognize all that he’s trying to do with his career or responsibilities.  If you constantly act combative and question his behavior he’ll in turn view you as selfish, insecure and high maintenance.

Perhaps he isen’t dating five other woman like you imagine he is because you have too much free time on your hands to dream up imaginary girlfriends and clandestine scenarios that aren’t based in reality.  A man wants you to believe that he means well and for his woman to trust him. If you trust him he’s more likely to act trustfully. Give him the benefit of the doubt when you can. If he tells you he’s busy or that he was working, take it at face value. Unless he’s given you a number of reasons to doubt him you should assume that he means well and is acting out of good intentions. Men value a supportive woman who trusts them and thinks highly of them.


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