A text that will make him respond

A girl wrote in to me asking me for a text to make him respond. He was ignoring her. I’ve gone through the same mental idea of dreaming up the perfect text. The only problem with it is that what you think is funny and cute is something that he will likely find annoying and dumb. Not only that, there is no text you could possibly send to force a guy to respond to you. The truth is, you are probably better off not sending one at all. If a guy (or girl) does not want to talk to you, there is no text that is going to make him suddenly want to talk to you. By the way if he doesn’t want to talk to you are you so sure you want to talk to him, a person that does not wish to speak with you? His decision not to talk to you has already been click locked into place in his mind. It’s done. The only chance to reverse it is to give it some time, lots of it. Therefore, don’t text him.

Never send threats or sweeping character attacks or personal attacks on text message to your boyfriend

Some people (like me) like to bottle everything up and be chill with it but eventually somewhere down the road they blow and it’s not a good thing. Plenty of people have this issue so don’t feel bad if you do to, but it is something worth working on. Text rants come out of built up frustration that isn‘t let out the right way so it finally just blows its stack. If you are on thin ice with your boyfriend a character attack on him will probably seal the nail in your relationship coffin. If you aren’t hearing from him and he won’t respond, you have to ask if you blew your lid on him or attacked him before he went silent on you.

A negative response from your boyfriend is just as bad as no text response from him

A word to the wise is that if you send a hostile, rude, spiteful, or threatening text to him, it won’t evoke a positive response. So there is a difference between getting him to respond positively and getting to him respond negatively. Sending really mean messages will not elicit the positive response you really want. If you really want him to respond then leave him alone for several weeks. That being said, the best text to actually get a response when he doesn’t want to talk is to either apologize to him, or let him know you miss him. Leave him completely alone for a few weeks and do not text him. Then send one simple short and sweet text apologizing or saying you miss him. Then leave the ball in his court and don’t attempt to contact him any more. This opens the door to his responding. Make sure to give him some time.

Just for fun, I gathered a list of offbeat texts that you should never, ever send in real life but that might actually get him to respond in shock. It’s a joke obviously and he would not respond positively. It actually is a really good point to make because if you throw a bomb of a text at him he actually might respond but it is going to be a very hostile response. His response to this type of text attack will be anger and if you really never want to talk to this guy again and have him blacklist you and block your number permanently then be my guest.

Now, for the fun. Never send him these texts messages unless you want to scare him into filing a restraining order on you for stalking him. Don’t be an obsessive girlfriend or stalker that sends him texts like these ones. If you have more crazy text examples then be sure to leave a comment below.

Texts that will get your boyfriend to permanently block you, defriend you, change his cell phone number, and never talk to you again

I won the lotto.
I hit the jackpot.
The paternity test came back.
I’m pregnant.
Get tested.
I stopped taking the hormone therapy.
I used what was in the protection.
Do you have warts?
I just did a credit check and guess what I found out.
I don’t feel good and I made an appt. with the gynecologist.
My settlement came through.
My inheritance is huge!
What color Mercedes do you want?
I’m buying you a Rolex do you want silver, yellow gold, or platinum?
What does it mean when it hurts when you pee.
My lip has a strange sore on it.
I have an extra ticked to the Korn concert, in Vegas!
Can I pay you to hang out with me?
I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you by taking you on a shopping spree.
Can you believe they finally released that video tape.
I’m selling our home movies, do you want in on the deal.
Go look at (some really bad site).com to see pictures of yourself posted
I called your boss.
I talked with your wife, she sounds really nice and I told her everything.
I’m having an affair with your wife.
If you break up with me I’ll tell your girlfriend about us.
Does your new girlfriend know that you have dysfunction problems?
I’m telling everyone that you are miniscule.
Go look at your face book.
I am outside your house talking to your neighbors.
I will not be ignored.
Fatal Attraction.

Joking aside, if you really want to get him to respond positively, wait a few weeks and give him plenty of space. If you don’t ever hear from him you could send a simple text and see what happens. Here are three that might work well for this. Another idea would be to mention an inside joke or positive date or memory that you shared with him.

I apologize.
I miss you.
How are you.
I loved that time we did X.


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