Alpha males secrets, attraction and 3 alpha male traits to learn

If you subscribe to these attraction forums and pickup advice blogs, you will hear much ado about the infamous alpha male. 

Such articles tend to go on and on about how these men excel at leadership, are able to strongly guide women to do exactly what they want, and possess the social skills to listen to and find out what moves a woman into getting intimate and letting go of her inhibitions. Alpha males rarely need to text women and when they do, women jump at the opportunity to spend time with them because opportunity does not knock often with an alpha male.

So why are these so-called self entitled jerks so successful? When it all comes down to it, there is something quite simple going on. Alpha males are just really good-looking men.  Good looks attract women, plain and simple.  Therefore if you want to adopt alpha male traits the number one thing you can do is work on your physical appearance.  This article touches on three core physical and personality traits of the alpha male.  If you want her to be texting you, pursuing you, and staring at her phone wondering why you haven’t gotten in touch with her, read on for tips on how to be more alpha.

#1 Alpha male trait: be good-looking by working on your appearance

You might read these sales pitch articles about the guy who is only a 5 out of 10 in the looks department yet can get tons of women and can give you his secrets on gaming women, for a price.  But really, the bottom line is that alpha males tend to be very physically attractive people. Looks alone gets them in the door with more women and gets them options with more women.  It’s quite similar to men who are famous or wealthy, the alpha male has something very marketable to women: good looks.

The good looks in fact get more women.  Once that happens, the alpha male gets more confident, has more options, and the process just feeds upon himself.  He knows he can get women, so he doesn’t obsess over one woman.  There is more where she came from and he knows this from experience.  The confidence he has largely stems from the good looks opening the door to more opportunity and more experiences with a variety of women.  It’s similar to a famous rock star but on a tad smaller scale.  The rock star has way more exposure and opportunity with women who want him, therefore rock stars grow more and more confident and experienced as a result of their ongoing escapades.

Websites trying to sell you their attraction secrets for a price often claim that good looks are irrelevant, but remember these sites are just trying to make a buck off of you.  If you want to be more of an alpha male then you must work on your looks and get them into tip-top form.  That means going to the gym regularly, eating clean, putting workout time in to get the best body you can, investing in a good-looking hairstyle, and developing a great sense of casual street fashion.  Get your appearance into tip-tip shape, and you will get more women interested.  This will grow your confidence naturally.

#2 Alpha male trait: don’t let women ruffle you

Men who have plenty of opportunity with women develop a strong sense of confidence and this is what pickup artists focus on teaching you.  They claim that the problem with nice guys is that they get lost in a woman’s emotion and become way to feminine and needy.  For example, if she gets upset he gets upset.  If she is anxious, he gets anxious.  PUA or pickup artist advice suggests that keeping your own emotions in check, is extremely attractive to women.  

If you want an alpha trait that is not just about your good looks, learn to de-link yourself emotionally and not let the girls ruffle your feathers.  That means shrug off rejection, flakes, crazy antics, hysteria, desperation, neediness, insecurity and angry behavior from women. If she blows yp your phone with text messages she will learn that sort of behavior will get her absolutely nowhere with you.  Ignore.  As an alpha personality, you will be opting for cool calm around women.  If she freaks out, she has issues.  Not you. She can flail like a fish and you will not flinch.

#3 Alpha male trait: have a leadership vibe and a vibrant lifestyle

Having a leadership vibe is crucial when it comes to listening to women, gathering information about women, and having the right vibe about you that can make a woman feel led but listened to at the same time.  This is important when it comes to intimacy as well.  Alpha males have a knack for getting women to open up about what pleases them and they learn to be very skilled lovers.  If you can really please a woman you will be more successful at keeping her attracted to you.  Self-confident men are true magnets and women are attracted to them in droves.

If you want to have a great vibe for attracting women, then you must have an attitude of true confidence, not just pumping yourself up with a fake sense of control.  You don’t have to win, but you do have to play the game.  You either have to get what you want, or learn what you need to do in order to get what you want or become better around women the next time opportunity knocks. 

A woman has to know that you can walk away and be just find without her.  If she knows this, she will be trying to please you so that you stick around.  Everyone likes a challenge and a price, and women are no exception. The more elusive she finds you, the harder she is going to work at keeping you with her.

This elusiveness takes practice and getting quite a bit of dating experience with women.  It requires a mentality that if something does not work out with one particular woman, there are more women to meet out there in the world.  It’s about being busy with a full life and having a bit of mystery about you as to what you are up to on your free time.  An abundance mentality based in the idea that women are replaceable, attracts women because they know that if they don’t please you, someone else surely will. 

Fear of loss creates attraction and men who have the attitude that there are plenty of women out there to meet have that energy that draws women in.  It makes it seem like he is more of a catch if he has plenty of other opportunity.  So, develop a well-rounded lifestyle and be sure you have plenty of things to do and cool people to do it with.  A woman needs to know that if she is not with you, that you have exciting places to be and people to see.

If you get more dating experience you will be able to feel out different ways to act and react to women.  Great looking guys no doubt have it easy in terms of attracting women and getting dating experience.  Women find them.  You may have to work at getting dates a little harder than the guy with the quarterback looks and body.  But if you make it a point to date quite a bit and get different experiences with women your confidence level will rise and you will get more of that natural alpha male, confident vibe as a result.


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