Are you a crazy girlfriend or is he slowly making you into one?

Are you a crazy girlfriend to begin with or is he making you into a crazy girlfriend?  If you have unwittingly become an overnight text stalker sensation, there may be a cheater or at the least a lousy boyfriend at the bottom of it!  Cheating and lying to a girlfriend is like planting a crazy seed.  Out of it, will grow a crazy girlfriend.

Are you really a crazy girlfriend, or do you have a crazy making boyfriend turning you into one?  While there is no excuse for text stalking and crazy behavior, you should start to look at what is going on that is turning you into a monster.  Once you do this, you may have a better grip on why you are acting like a nut.  Knowledge is power. 

If you are out of control text messaging its time to acknowledge it and control your own behavior.  You may be reacting to your boyfriend.  Don’t let him push all of your hot buttons and set you off.  If you are texting him like a basket-case you may want to consider whether he is doing any of these behaviors mentioned further down in this blog post. Be very careful not to let your boyfriend send you over the edge.

Emotional stability reigns supreme with men. If you have issues with them, the powerful thing to do is be emotionally mature. Don’t let your boyfriend drag you down into the four year old mud with him. Try to keep your composure until you can discuss how certain things he is doing is making you crazy. You must not let yourself become a harassing person, a stalker or a psycho. If he is making you that crazy consider taking a break from the relationship. It may be toxic for you.

Silent treatment

Silent treatment is crazy making!  A person that cares will sit down and listen to what you have to say and address any insecurity or jealousy in the relation you have.  But not everyone is perfect and many men cope with a fight by going silent.  Sometimes they do it to calm down, sometimes they do it to be sure they don’t say the wrong thing, and some do it as a form of emotional punishment. 

The silent treatment is mean but if your boyfriend does it, that doesn’t mean you should let it get to you.  If he gives you the silent treatment immediately start going for one or two days between texting sessions.  That way, you won’t be in a situation where you are texting and he is tuning you out and making you look like a nut to boot.

Continual lying

Continual lying will make any woman crazy!  If you suspect he is cheating or he is just lying out of some convenience and you are on to it, watch out!  Once you catch your boyfriend lying you will become the girlfriend police.  You won’t trust him and you’ll be wanting to put a total choke chain on him.

Texts might get really rampant when you start demanding to know his whereabouts, get mad at why he didn’t text you back, snoop his phone because you are suspicious and text him over what a liar he is.  Men will often deny, deny, deny to the bitter end.  The more you accuse him of things the more he will deny and voila you’ll see him grabbing at the old you act crazy! excuse. 

You probably are acting crazy because his lying continually is driving you crazy.  Try not to get caught up in it.  Take a step back, stop texting him and gather your thoughts.  Take time to take it in and plan what you are going to say.  Don’t just let your brain implode into a million text messages.  Try to think through all responses and start implementing the 48 hour rule where you gather thoughts for 2days before texting him over his lies. 

If you find yourself having relationship talks over text message you might want to stop texting for a while.  Don’t teach him that he can deal with the relationship on text.  It’s better to train him to talk to you at least on the phone.  So, if you are having relationship fights on text you might want to stop texting.  Texts should be lightweight, not meant for big fights or for determining your future together.

Disregard for your feelings

Men can do emotional punishment where they will do things that have no regard for your feelings.  When a man cheats he is banking on not getting caught.  He is doing something that totally disregards your feelings.  The aftermath of an affair is devastation to the relationship.

If he is insensitive and doesn’t acknowledge your feelings and issues it can make you turn crazy.  All of a sudden you’ll find yourself whining and complaining on text message how he never talks to you or listens to you.  If you are texting all sorts of we need to talk messages and he is ignoring you, bad news.

Don’t let his total disregard for your feelings drive you into being a crazy text message girl.  Once you have a label as crazy you will be hard pressed to shake the label.  Therefore, if you feel like he is an insensitive jerk don’t let it cause you to psycho text him about what an insensitive jerk he is.  If you are texting him lists of all the things he has ever done to you that were insensitive, you know you are in trouble.

Continual disregard for your feelings truly kills the spirit in the relationship.  It makes you feel like you don’t even exist.  It makes it impossible for your to feel trusting and loved.  If he loved you, he would not treat you like this, right?  If he has a continual disregard for your feelings there is a problem in your relationship and you are bound to be slowly driven crazy.

Try talking to him calmly and let him know what is going on.  Then give him some sort of three strikes rule.  Have solid boundaries and be clear on what you can and can’t tolerate.  If he continues to be an insensitive clod, you may want to consider ending your relationship or taking a break from it until he treats you better. 

If he is disregarding your feelings you should be backing off, backing away, not chasing him down with a barrage of texts.  Your attitude should be more like, if you disregard my feelings then you won’t be enjoying my company.  Removing yourself until he is ready to treat you better is safer than texting him like crazy over how lousy he treats you.

Accusing you of acting crazy

When you are onto something suspicious with your boyfriend, it feels like being a dog with a bone. You just can’t let it go.  It is incredibly tiring and you start to snoop, analyze his every move, obsess, and flip out.

Then you start asking him questions and he denies everything.  A common thing that men do is to start accusing you of being crazy to deflect their crazy making role in things.  OK he is crazy making you.  But that doesn’t mean you should allow him to push your buttons to where he can say you are crazy.  If you act crazy then he has the right to call you crazy.

Don’t let his shenanigans turn you into a nut.  The more upset you get the more he can change the subject and call you crazy.  Best way to deal with a total liar is to remain calm, cool and collected.  Most women when they discover infidelity are relieved for the fact that they weren’t crazy in suspecting something after all.  So, you must trust your gut.

There is no excuse for crazy texting.  If you find yourself turning psycho, stalking your boyfriends phone, texting him all the time, and ripping him apart, you need to stop.  No matter what egregious emotional thing he is doing to you to help make you crazy, you have to stop.  Hopefully you can see that your boyfriend is doing things that are making you crazy.  Once you see the light, you can work on not letting this guy send you over the edge.

How to cope with a boyfriend who is turning you crazy

If you want to deal effectively with a boyfriend who gives you the silent treatment, continually lies, disregards your feelings, and accuses you of acting crazy, the most important thing is to remain calm.  Because once you go crazy, all he will do is point the finger at you and cry crazy.  You won’t be able to get any of your message across and he will start to tune you out. 

Get your crazy under control and fast.  Realize he might be the one doing things to help you become crazy.  Work on self control and not letting him make you go bananas.  Try the 48 hour rule in my Quit texting section to get yourself into control.  The idea behind this strategy is to go one day without texting him, then two days.  Once you can go 48 hours without texting him you are home free.  Just keep implementing the rule over and over again. 

If you fall off the wagon and text him, then put yourself back into a 48 hour hold and continue.  48 hour rule is really, really helpful when you want to get your own crazy texting to stop.  Try it!

Are you a crazy girlfriend


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