Are you Friends with Benefits? Communications mostly by text and hookups are red flags

Friends with Benefits the movie is definitely a comedic hits modern day take on FWB with Justin Timberllake and Mila Kunis in a friends with benefits relationship. Seems like the topic is popular this summer with the other recent Ashton Kutcher movie No Strings Attached also out. Friends with Benefits addresses the pop culture notion of messy, tangled great sex against the backdrop of a disregular non-commited, not a boyfriend, not a girlfriend, relationsip.

It’s complicated and many a psychologist warns that having intimate pleasure cannot help but leave its mark with two people. One of the hallmarks of the modern day friends with benefits relationships is texting. The communication between the two fwbs commonly occurs primarily on text as deep night time phone chats and real dates aren’t part of the arrangement.

A yahoo news article review on the movie Friends with Benefits called trying to be friends with benefits trying to make ice cream in an oven and that it can make a true mess. One way that people get hurt emotionally is not truely realizing they are in a friends with benefits situation in the first place. Thats why the texting component is so important because it is a clear red fwb flag.

You might have a women mistakenly thinking that texting is the cute and conveniant and flirty way of his communicating closely. She might not catch on to the fact that dates and phone calls are slim to none. It actually can get murky to detect because texting is such a common communication venue now for love relationships. She might think they are not there as yet due to the physical connection that is being satisfied on the get togethers since sparks are presently flying. She’s swept away and not seeing or subconsciously choosing not to see the relationships signs of direction clearly yet.

The man on the other hand, usually knows in his head what is going on. And while he is enjoying the benefits and the woman seems happy he indulges and enjoys the reltionship. Usually he blocks their communication into primarily and completely text and also isen’t spending money on dates or having quality day time excursions with the women. In other words, you aren’t running errands together and rarely see each other outside of text and sex.

When it is clear in his mind she will not become a girlfriend he gets even more firm and calculating on minimizing dates and phone calls while maximizing texts and getting together for sex sessions. He’s chosen to text block the relationship therefore text communications being the main way the two are arranging hookups and its also his non-confrontational sneaky way of making it clear what their relationship is.

If she is too stupid to pick up on it and starts asking direct questions then he gets into more frank round about explanations usually also on text, like I don’t want to be in a relationship right now, this is too soon, take it day by day, the too busy with career excuse, type stuff. This article is being written because one of the main and biggest ways the woman gets hurt is by being blinded into not recognizing she is a fwb and not a blossoming girlfriend. If she knew to look for the signs (and texting is one of them) she might have seen the light of day sooner. Findout can be emotionally hurtful and the man might not even be malicious he just indirectly hurts her. So it’s important to look at the texting patterns. If you are mainly texting and hooking up, not talking and dating it might be more that just sexual chemistry at the beginning of a couple-dom. It may be what it texts like, Friends with Benefits.

Sometimes the sexes are flipped as they portrayed in the movie starring George Clooney Up in the Air. In that case, he fell for the woman in the friends with benefits relationship and then wanted to take it to the next level. He was heartbroken to find out she was already spoken for and thought the friends with benefits status was mutually understood. So, men can get into becoming a service call for women too. Again, they would see the signs of mostly texting and hookups from such a lady.

Once you recognize you are in a no strings attached situation then it’s pretty much proceed at your own risk. People who get into these types of situations are often in transitional stages in their life and not truly available. They might be divorcing separating, rebounding, brand new on the dating scene, temporarily broken up, moving, leaving, traveling, single coping with young ones at home with little time to spare, or any other type of unstable life status. In these cases the He or She will do for now works for them. The problem is it has to work for both parties and often times one party gets more attached leading to heartbreak later.

If you find out that your got yourself unwittingly texted right into a fwb box with a man or woman, just know the research. These connections can lead to awkwardness, strained contact, ceased contact, heartbreak, future hookups, long term occasional sex partners, becoming total enemies, or resumption back to the original friendship. Remember that once sex is into the picture it is going to get complicated and fast. It’s too deep of a connection for people for it not to have an impact.

Recognize the situation you are in. Texting as a primary method of communication with a partner is a big sign you are moving toward or already in a friends with benefits status. Everything in life is a risk so just be prepared for a rough and crazy ride. You might meet the sex partner of a life time, you might get totally heart broken beyond belief, or you might fill a transitional time in your life with a memorable relationship that just worked at that point in time. Who knows, you might wind up both falling in love and ultimately being together. If two people are meant to be together they’ll find a way to do it no matter how the relationship originated.


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