Are you girlfriend material? How men might rate your potential

Are you girlfriend material?  Believe it or not men to rate individual girls as to whether they are girlfriend potential or not.  It sounds ruthless but some men may actually rate the qualities they want.  Whether they use numbers or just draw a mental conclusion men do compare women to their ideals.  If a man is interested in you at all, he will likely see you for around three dates to make a determination of your merits.

Once a man mentally categorizes or scores your potential it becomes increasingly hard to change his mind.  If you seek a long term relationship then it comes down to whether you consistently have girlfriend traits.  There are certain qualities that make for the best women and these are the ones that have girlfriend potential.  If you want to get past friends with benefits, casual dating, and into something more, you can work on improving these desirable qualities.


Men want an attractive women and it’s a universal desire.  Attractiveness cannot be underestimated.  Men want attractive women.  To increase your girlfriend potential here you should perfect your hair, makeup and clothes.  Note that men aren’t concerned with designer labels. They want a woman who is clean, fresh, natural and sexy. 

To enhance your attractiveness become an expert at subtle makeup application.  Go to the makeup counters and choose mineral makeup colors that look natural but enhance your features.  Keep hair clean, fresh and well trimmed.  It’s a well known fact that men love long hair so consider keeping some length to it as well. 

Choose clothes that enhance your beauty.  Go for solid tones, jewel tones and streamlined clothes.  Avoid loud patterns and obnoxious or trendy styles.  Keep it clean, neat and simple to showcase your feminine beauty.  Jeans are nice but be sure to mix it up with skirts, dresses and heels.

Men prefer thin and slender or athletic bodies.  If you are packing too much weight consider going on an exercise program to get your weight in check.  There is so much competition that having a shapely fit body is important if you want that edge.  Get to the gym regularly.  Curvy and voluptuous is fine and even considered sexy so you don’t have to be rail thin to look your best.  Also consider beauty treatments such as hair removal, skin care and so forth to keep your look polished and ultra feminine.

Sexual Performance

Sex is such a big part of why we exist so if you fail to give your man pleasure in that department you won’t go far with him.  Intimate performance is crucial to men.  You don’t have to get theatrical yet you do really have to be into him in an intimate way.  If a man makes your skin crawl or turns you off at all then you probably shouldn’t be with him.  Men are looking for women that make their heart leap when she walks into the room.  There has to be that spark when you two get into the same place at the same time.

Men really can tell if a women is into him and while this trait alone won’t get you a girlfriend status it can certainly help if you have other girlfriend traits along with being into him.  If you want to touch him and are attracted to him like glue he will feel that and definitely appreciate it.  Sexual performance is complicated and if you have wonderful chemistry with him it is definitely a trait he would value.  A man wants a women who loves him genuinely and kisses, caresses, and ultimately makes love to him with vigor and pleasure.

It is hard to fake this characteristic as you’ll either have a deep attraction to him or you won’t.  Don’t become a girlfriend to a man just because he has financial or other desirable traits.  If you don’t have a physical chemistry with him consider passing him over as this is so important in relationships.  Men need a woman that is attracted to them and wants to please them and if they don’t feel that at a gut level you won’t make it into the girlfriend zone.


Men value a nurturing women even more than one with a powerful career.  If you want to become his girlfriend make sure to hone some nurturing traits.  For example, cooking and some domesticity are important for him to consider you as long term relationship material.  A high powerful career will mean little to nothing to a man.  What he really wants is a woman who has heart.  Don’t be a so called ball buster as this won’t be an attractive trait.  As long as you are self sufficient a man won’t judge your career too harshly.  A nurturing, gentle personality is what reigns supreme when it comes to your girlfriend potential.

Feminine Quality

Men love dresses, silky clothes and feminine qualities.  This is so important if you want to rank as girlfriend potential.  It goes beyond just what you wear and how you dress.  That’s an outer representation of femininity.  Men also care about inner femininity.  They don’t want a girlfriend who is brash, harsh or rude.  Note that men are hypocrites when it comes to being courteous.  They could be a burping drinker but they still want a woman who is graceful.

One of the biggest elements of feminine quality is if he feels you are highly presentable.  A man will consider if he can bring you out in public and put you in front of friends or family.  This is crucial for girlfriend status.  He needs to have zero anxiety about whether you are presentable.  You can be the hottest babe ever but if you behave like a loose canon or pop off to the servers in public you’ll become a no go.  Public present-ability is crucial.  This means he needs to completely trust that if he were to invite you out with friends you would dress and act appropriately. 

The second he has to wonder whether you’ll say something inappropriate, rude or stupid is the second you won’t be girlfriend material in his mind.  If a man indicates to you that your public behavior is unacceptable then you should take heart and listen.  Having a tantrum on the phone or trying to return something?  He won’t even want to be associated with you.  Also, men extrapolate.  If you go ballistic on him even on text message he’ll draw a conclusion that you’ll go ballistic on his friends and family.


Personality is important because he is not going to want you around to run boring errands if your personality is bitter or foul.  Not only does he want an upbeat personality he will likely want a positive attitude.  If you want your personality to shine you can focus on these three areas. 

First you want to be pleasant and fun to be with.  Don’t always be complaining and nagging.  You want the ability to let go and enjoy the day putting common worries aside.  This ability to go into a happy zone will be an attractive girlfriend trait.  He wants a girlfriend that brings him up not down. 

Second you’ll want to keep drama to a minimum.  A little bit of drama can make for good makeup sessions but constant drama will drive him away.  Drama gets old after a while and if you’re constantly going up in arms and tracking his every move he won’t want you as a girlfriend. 

Thirdly you’ll want to keep jealousy at bay.  You need to trust him and give him enough space to hang himself with.  Tracking his every move, non-stop text messaging him, snooping his phone and emails and stalking his face-book are all big no-nos.  If you do this stuff you will become a psycho stalker in his mind, not a girlfriend.  Jealousy is one of the most undesirable states.  If he feels like you are putting a bridle or a choke chain on him he won’t like it. 

Girlfriend material

A woman is better off keeping her opinion to herself if it is going to come out as nagging, whining or torture.  Think twice before you go ballistic and criticise your man as it may do you in with him no matter how justified your grievances.  Men want an attractive, sexy, nurturing and feminine women as a girlfriend.  Career and success is not as important as one might think.  Being tactful and gentile trumps having a high powered career.  An attractive, supportive and presentable woman is the most desirable girlfriend trait. 

Lastly a man should feel like he is choosing to spend time with you voluntarily.  Don’t pursue or corner a man.  Having a full social life and your own friends and hobbies iwll help you to back off and give him the space he wants.  Texting him all the time does not a relationship make.  Let him come to you. 

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