Are you texting a sociopath?

Are you texting your boyfriend (or girlfriend) like crazy because you just can’t control anything he (or she) does but are still madly obsessed about him? Watch out because if you fall hard for a liar and a cheater you may be under the spell of a sociopath. This type of guy will drive you crazy, make you crazy, and of course make you text him like crazy.

Here are a few traits to look for that signal psychopathic tendencies. Obviously this does not indicate that the person is dangerous in a physical way however you may find such a person to be emotionally dangerous. Sociopaths are skilled at making you fall in love and then become dependent on them. Once you are, they can really jerk you around because you are hooked. You may even find yourself acting crazy and like a stalker in response to their hot and cold treatment. They get close, you fall more in love. They pull away, you become incredibly insecure.

Check through some of these traits to see if your boyfriends behavior may prove to be a damaging emotional experience for you.

Boyfriend or Girlfriend with Sociopath tendencies checklist

Is your boyfriend somewhat irresponsible? This may mean making a date with you then just forgetting about it or flaking out. Does he lack the ability to empathise with you about things he does that hurt you? A boyfriend with no empathy will leave you waiting for a date and think nothing of cancelling for a better opportunity. He will be quick to say something came up, and if you get upset over the cancellation then he will become upset with you! Boyfriends with sociopathic tendencies are quick to turn everything around on you and make their behavior be your fault. If he blames you for his mistakes it can make you crazy to deal with him.

Is your boyfriend quick to lose his temper? A sociopath boyfriend will have you walking on eggshells for fear he will leave you if you confront him.  This lets him get away with bad behavior when you feel too insecure to speak up.  If men have sociopathic tendencies they can get really mad then shrug it off and pretend it never happened. They will be quick to blame others for their mistakes. They may have a belligerent or bullying manner when they need to press for something or get you to back off. A boyfriend like this can convince you to spot him a few hundred dollars in a bind, then proceed to pretend the loan never happened and never pay you back. If he has sociopath tendencies he will have no qualms about sponging off others.  You’ll find yourself begging him to give you your own money back meanwhile he’ll act like you are the nuisance!

Sociopaths are easily bored and demand constant attention. This leads them to be the type of people that enjoy taking risks and acting on reckless impulse. That means they can be sexually promiscuous and have hidden girlfriends, be the type to get into affairs, and cheat for the mere excitement and entertainment of it. A guy like this will have no sense of remorse, shame or guilt about cheating. In fact, if he is caught cheating he may flaunt it and blame it on you. If you don’t give him constant approval and attention he will quickly find someone else that will. With a guy like this you’ll always feel replaceable like an object. The insecurity can lead you to becoming stalker like because you’ll never feel like you have a hold on this type of guy. It’s a never ending now you have him, now you don’t cycle.

A sociopath guy will be able to turn on the charm like no tomorrow. This is the guy who will get you to do things you never thought you would. He can turn on the charm to suit some immediate need of his then turn off on a dime. As you get to know this person you will see red flags waving yet ignore them because you’ll be so hooked. When you confront him on cheating or other lies he will give convincing excuses but after a while you’ll figure out he’s a liar. A sociopath guy will be cavalier about the truth. He will be perfectly capable of telling lies right to your face. He will claim he has literally never heard of a woman that he’s actually involved with behind your back.

Sociopath guys have an air of self-importance, regardless of what their true standing in society is. They might suggest business ventures or lie about their investments and past career to make themselves look better. Even if they know you will discover the lies sooner or later they lie anyways.  They’ll describe their house to you in detail never mentioning they live with their mother or a girlfriend.  They aren’t worried about it and in fact they enjoy taking risks. They have no problem manipulating you to achieve their current goal and never even consider the effects that those manipulations will have on you.

For example, he will lie about his job and you’ll go tell your family members about this job, only to find out later the job is an invention in his mind. Anything to make himself look better, and no consideration that the lies will damage the relationship are the hallmarks of this type of guy. He’s not worried about the relationship getting damaged because relationships and women are generally replacable to him. If he gets caught in his own lies and you stop believing in his bologna he’ll just leave you and move on to someone new.

A sociopathic guy will have problems sustaining long term relationships but they can do relationships but only so long as they suit a goal. Generally they will stay so long as they are getting perks, being admired and worshipped but once you see through them they will move on to greener pastures. Sociopaths don’t like to be alone so you will be in a constant state of threat and fear that a new woman will undermine your position with him.

Sociopaths are so witty and articulate. They can be gorgeous and sexually very skilled too which makes it really hard to walk away from them. They know how to present themselves well and they are that type of guy that seems unobtainable and like a dream come true at first. After a while though you will see how narcissistic a sociopath is. He will have a big ego, a huge view of his self-worth and a remarkable level of egocentricity. Sociopaths are skilled at attracting and getting women so regardless of their legal, personal or financial problems they will have women coming out of their ears.  At every turn there will be women, women, women.

Sociopaths can make you into stalkers and that is the biggest concern. First they get you to fall in love, then they pull the rug out from under you and make you feel insecure. This can lead to obsessive girlfriend behavior and we know from this site that if you are obsessed with a guy and like texting that makes for a very scary combination. You could become a text stalker as you try to deal with the cognitive dissonance coming your way. He’ll be purring in your ear about the plans you have Friday night and then come Friday night he will never respond to your texts and think nothing of it. When you get upset and send 200 critical texts about his behavior, he will get upset with your texting.  Being with a sociopath is constant drama.

If you tend to get addicted to guys and you also are a text message junkie the combination of your psycho-texting and a sociopathic boyfriend can prove to be a god awful tempestuous match made in hell. Don’t be surprised if a guy like this turns you into a wreck and even a stalker. He’ll run through you fast as lightening and then move on leaving you in shambles texting why. When dealing with someone that never feels the normal amount of guilt, empathy or strong emotions you will always lose. Expect philandering, cheating, lies, financial problems, emotional neglect and emotional problems to ensue.

If you are texting a guy because he has made you incredibly upset you need to take a step back. Try to figure out if he has problems that allow him to treat you poorly. Your goal of explaining things to him, begging him, pleading to him, training him, enlightening him, or bitching to him about his behavior with a slew of text messages will fail. If you are constantly texting your boyfriend upset, you may want to consider getting a new boyfriend. Once sucked in it is hard to disengage, but if your texting is getting out of control you should disengage. Remember that no matter what they are doing, your texting them like crazy is no solution. The solution is not to be with a guy who makes you act crazy.

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