Are you texting him to death?

Take this cool dating quiz to find out whether you are texting him to death.

Is text your only form of communicating?

If text message is your main form of communication then you may be texting him to death. Single men want to date lots of women until they meet one that knocks their socks off to the extent they want to be exclusive and have a girlfriend. Until then, they commonly manage their dating escapades on text message. If your only form of communication is text message and you text him regularly such as more than five texts a day or 100 texts a month, you may be over texting. While you are over texting, he may be happily pursuing other dates and doing god knows what meanwhile ignoring your texts and managing your expections down.

Do you text him more than a dozen times daily?

If you text him more than a dozen times daily you are texting him to death. Even if you text him more than 5 sms messages daily you are over texting. Look at your phone bill and see your text usage. If you have over 100 texts per month and most of them are going out to to him then you are texting him too much. If your texts are not one for one and he ignores over a third of your cutesy texts and does not even bother to respond, you are texting him to death. If you text him more than he texts you, you are texting him to death.

If you called him would he pick up the phone and answer it?

Why are you texting him? If he is your boyfriend and you both text back and forth mutually and everything is on with him, then fine. But in many cases women are texting this man because were they to pick up the phone and call him, he would not answer. If you are texting someone who lets your calls go to voice mail, screens your calls, or rarely talks to you on the phone, then you are texting him to death.

Do you see him to go on dates or just hang out and get intimate with him?

Men manage their casual relationships via text message. Do you talk on the phone with him, hang out during the day light hours, go on dates, or meet with his friends? If your relationship is primarily physical and text, you are texting him to death. Not only are you texting him to death, you are most likely getting used. It seems obvious however with the new age men and even women are into casual non exlusive relationships. They have a physical relationship with a woman for a while and then decide later on if they actually even care enough about her to pursue a relationship. If you are mainly texting and getting together for intimacy then you are texting him to death. You are just offering yourself up on a silver platter for him to use. So, text and physical intimacy with no dates involved is a no no and never text him just for an intimate encounter unless you are willing to get emotionally trashed and he looks like Brad Pitt or David Beckham.

Does he ever ask you how you are?

Does this person ever ask you about your life? In the case of younger women does he know your major or has he ever hung out with you and your friends? Does he know what actually goes on in your life? Does he know where you grew up and went to high school and how many siblings you have and where you came from? In the case of older single women does he know how many children you have and how old they are and what their names are? Does he know any real details about your life?

If you are mainly communicating on text and the extent of your conversation is a hey what’s up and you are actually engaging in some hang by a thread relationship with him that’s really a non relationship happening on text. So texting him is akin to texting him to death. He is pretty much already dead to you if he doesn’t know anything about your real life. So, don’t text him to death any more since he is really not interested in you.

Does he respond to your texts right away?

If he happens to be in a business meeting or misses your texts during certain legitimate windows of time then obviously that is understandable. But if he is unreliable when it comes to responding your text messages then Houston you do have a problem.

First of all, you need to look at your texts. If you are writing him cutesy funny text messages about your day and giving him too many details about your day then you are texting him to death. And men respond to texting to death by ignoring the texts. A text that doesn’t warrant a responce may not get a response. So the first thing to do is ask yourself if you are sending totally useless texts because if you are then stop. The reason to stop is that you will become mere noise and your texts will get ignored, you’ll get upset, and then text more.

If your texts are not useless blow by blows of your day that rightfully deserve to be ignored by him then he may be managing your relationship down or even bailing out on you. If you haven’t even texted him in four or five days and you text him to say hello and he does not deign to respond to that text, what does that tell you? Yep, that he is not into you and you are getting blown off. So even if it is just one text, one text to a guy who doesn’t even bother to respond is a text to death text.

Does he ever initiate texting or is it always you?

If you always initiate texting with him then you are texting him to death. This is even more true if this guy doesn’t even talk to you. Think about it. He does not call you up on the phone or make plans in advance to hang out with you. He does not contact you. Hey, don’t kid yourself ok. If you are doing all the contacting and initiating and he is merely responding then you mean very little to him. You are merely an option that he is managing down to the text only level. If he has a free night or is dateless he might give you a spontaneous what’s up but he will rarely contact you out of the blue. Why should he? Who would want to talk to you if you are already constantly badgering them with texts all day long.

Does he text you as much as you text him?

Don’t ignore the signs that you are texting him to death. If you are texting him more than he is texting you then you are texting him to death. You might be constantly poking him with texts trying to say hi, ask him how he is, send him funny things, and hint that you want him to ask you out. All of these are just badgering and if he does not ping pong text back and engage with you then you are texting him too much. It’s bad enough if you are the one initiating texts, but if he’s not even responsive when you do it’s the end.

If he is not texting you as much as you are texting him then the best thing to do is text him less. Unfortunately, you might be disappointed to find out what is actually happening. Usually if he is not answering your texts and you start to text him less he will just fizzle and fade away. That’s why its hard to text him less because texting him is deluding yourself. You think he is still into you when he is methodically ignoring you more and more. If he doesn’t text you back as much as you text him then see the sign for what it is, he is not talking to you, not even on text. Why then, would you text such a person to death? Stop texting and you’ll hear the sound of your own echo. It’s depressing yet still better than trying to text someone who does not wish to text you.

Do you fight on text message?

If you fight on text message then you are in a non relationship. Normal people who care about each other don’t run their fights on text message. If you are totally tight with him and annoyed then the text venue could concievably be a reasonable way to air a grievance without having to hassle him in person. But, do you really want to be airing grievances on text message? Is that the way you want your disagreements aired?

If you are not able to get this person talking to on the phone or caring about your issue then you should not be down managed to trying to get your venting out on text. Texts should be upbeat when possible. Fighting on text because he won’t hear from you any other way is just pathetic. Trust me that if your issues are relegated to text message you are not in a relationship. Your messages will come across as the nagging that they are and you’ll be texting him to death.

Do you regularly get frisky on text message?

Flirting on text is the new thing and women win in this digital domain. Studies show that nearly two thirds of women engage themselves in text flirtation and even send revealing pictures of themselves to the men they are involved with. It’s true that a picture of you on his phone keeps you in his mind but that card can easily be over played.

While you think your cell picture of yourself in your bathroom mirror is romantic, he may be just getting an ego stroke. Think Tiger Woods. His illicit affairs were conducted on text message and while he knew he was just playing the field his mistress’s didn’t. Judging from news articles on the mistress’s that did come forward, they thought they were way more involved and even in love with him when in fact they were getting played and were merely part of his extracurricular activities. So getting frisky on text message may not be doing you as much good as you think.

Consider this, if you are flirting on text messages by sending frisky photos and messages does he even have to leave his room or stand up or use his phone dialing fingers to bother to see you? No, he does not. He will likely get the flirty messages that you send while meanwhile pursuing other women who aren’t willing to throw themselves at his feet. If your texts are of little consequence and you are sending him revealing content to try and capture or keep his attention you will fail and, you’re texting him to death.

Does he make plans and dates with you days in advance, or text you at the last minute?

If he only texts you every few weeks and that’s the only way you are hearing from this individual trust me that he is not in to you. You are merely a backup option that he strings along and infrequently contacts as a plan when he finds himself suddenly free or needs an ego massage. If someone really likes you they will want to talk to you on a regular basis and get closer to you.

Men that are actually interested in you don’t disappear off the communication radar and then rear up every few weeks with a useless what’s up text. Break it off with this guy unless he is so gorgeous and out of your league that you are willing to demoralize yourself and put up with bad boy behavior. A man that only texts you every few weeks and at the last minute only views you as an occasional fallback girl. Unless you want to be someone’s variety flavor of the month, stop seeing him and quit texting him. Texting him to death will do you no good and just keep you around as an option. If you can handle that then fine, but even then don’t bother to text him. Let him text you so you can see how often he bothers to contact you and how little you really mean to him.

Are his responses to your texts flaky and/or non-commital?

If you text him all the time he will really start to mess with your head and manage his responses to your texts. Half the time he will ignore you but if you send him something flirtatious he may say something. If a guy flaky about responding to your text messages and mostly responds to the ones where you are flirting, you should give up on him.

Flakiness means he really does not care about you. He will be flaky about making plans because you’ll be his last option. An interesting internet date will take higher priority than you and his buddies will be the highest on his totem pole. Flakes will only show up after all other options have been exhausted. If he invites himself up to your house late at night smelling like the perfume of his coffee date earlier that evening, then recognize the flake. Don’t text a flake to death because it’s utterly astonishingly naive to do so. Sadly, women do it all the time. A man who likes you will be willing to spend time with you and you won’t have to chase after him with text messages.

Does he only respond to your texts after midnight?

Any texting that takes place after 11PM and especially after 2AM which is when the clubs close and he is done with his buddies and hasn’t met anyone that evening and wants too see you, is death texting. If he only texts you after midnight and that’s the only time he actually starts responding to your texts then just forget about him. Yes, your heart will be broken however your emotional being will remain in tact.

If you are with someone that uses you as a fallback woman then you should see them at your own risk. Sometimes these transitional relationships work for women on the rebound however the biological makeup of women makes them prone to becoming way too attached and loyal to a man once intimacy and particularly good chemistry is involved. If you are mainly texting him and he is only responsive when he wants to come around for a little action you should let it go. If you need to stay for some ego boost or whatever then do so at your own risk and know that the sooner you leave the better.

Texts after midnight from a man you really have feelings for are going to completely mess with your head. Try not to become a late night girl and if you do try not to get attached. If you fall in love you’ll be texting this man to death and he will only view you as a fallback girl and respond to you when he wants action. In this situation, no amount of texting or even not texting will help you.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the answer to the question of are you texting to him to death is (drum roll …..) yes. If you answered yes to more than one of the above questions, then the answer to the question of texting him to death is yes . If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then the answer to the question of are you texting him to death is yes … He is text dead from all your texting. You get the idea.


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