Avoiding those awkward moments in a relationship

There are certain awkward moments in a relationship that every new couple encounters.  The biggest awkward moments are those that occur after an arguement and those that occur after being intimate for the very first time.  These are delicate situations where you don’t want to get carried away with emotions and start texting too much.  Be careful what you say on text message, how you say it, how many times you say it, and why you say it. 

Texts can be misinterpreted and you don’t want to make your new love interest have doubts about you being emotionally stable and confident.  Handling awkward moments with grace and class can help to seal the deal on a promising new relationship.  Your texting habits reflect your personality and how you act so be careful to come across as sweet and playful.  Be your best self and on best behavior when you text message.

Texting after intimacy

If you become intimate with a new person you must take care to give that person space afterwards and not get overwhelmed by the aparrant step up of your relationship.  First intimacy may inspire regret or insecurity in the sense that after you get physical you suddenly want answers about where this relationship is (or isen’t) going.  Particularly if you didn’t talk about things and got carried away in an evening of chemistry, a whole host of questions may be swirling. Be careful ladies because this is a moment where you can make or break a relationship by acting needy or clingy.   He is likely anticipating a reaction from you and wondering Oh No what is she going to do or expect now.

Your relationship did just change but that doesn’t automatically mean your man has agreed to be exclusive, more serious, or committed per so.  All it means is that he was interested enough to get physical.  This is why dating experts advise women to date for a bit before getting intimate because then you understand what the other person is really looking for in this relationship better before becoming involved deeper. If you haven’t talked about your relationship first but you have become intimate you are just going to have to stay calm and see how the relation plays out without forcing things or trying to assign labels to things.

Never make assumptions or levy expectation but do treat your relationship with care.  When the time is right you could talk to him but there isen’t some snap in his brain that now you are suddenly serious because you’ve been intimate.  He’ll get serious when he feels emotionally attracted to you not just because he’s been intimate with you.  The two are not the same.  He needs to feel drawn to you which means he feels comfortable when he is around you and wants to spend time with you because he enjoys it.  . 

Particularly for women the temptation is to text more, assume more, ask more questions, and have more doubts.  This can make the man feel awkward and like he needs to back away and figure out what he has just gotten himself into.  The best approach after intimacy for a woman is to give her boyfriend plenty of space.  Rather than pressure or ask too many questions about the relationship she simply can see how he acts.  How he acts tells a great deal about what his intentions are.  A man that is interested will always be back in touch within a few days and doesn’t need prompting by texting message.

Men also should be cautious after intimacy because they shouldn’t get too clingy too fast.  A woman wants to feel like you are confident and self assured so don’t turn into a marshmellow looking for reassurance.  If you mishandle the situation and either blow her off or get too creepy on her it can make her doubt what she is doing with you.  Make her feel confident, beautiful and adored without smothering her, and she should be fine.

Texting after a fight

Fights happen and to avoid those awkward moments it can help to back off and let a fight dissipate.  Your need to resolve things may not match up with your boyfriend or girlfriends needs.  Getting into it in a fight or sending long after thoughts in text format after a fight is generally a bad idea.  The best text message after a fight is either a simple apology or something sweet.  Let the rest go. 

If you find yourself texting long winded explanations or continuing the fight or apologizing with but this but that excuses or playing the blame game the best thing is to stop texting.  Texting can quickly get you into the proverbial hole or doghouse with him or her.  Think about how the other person may really view your onslaught of texts before inadvertently inserting your foot in mouth.  Awkward moments can occur when you make the other person feel uncomfortable with your messages. 

Keep texts playful and light and leave the rest of the relationship to the live time that you spend together.  To play it safe use texts every now and then to send sweet messages but when in doublt just leave texting initation to your partner and respond when they text you.  This is an easy way to pace your texting to be compatable with theirs.  If you are dealing with an awkward moment or a lovers quarrel just wait until you see them to talk about it.

Every relationship can benefit if you rely on open lines of communication.  That way you can learn what the other person feels and also show them that you are not ashamed of sharing intimate or personal thoughts.  You can avoid awkward moments after intimaty or after an argument by keeping the text message volume down. Smothering is not a good thing.

Don’t let thoughts that may be spinning around in your head wind up filling his or her inbox.  Allow time to get to knew the person, learn about each other, and be able to process you thoughts before spilling out a train of consciousness.  The more space you can give your partner and the less texting you do, the better off you will be.  It leaves room for them to miss you and saves important communication for being in person rather on a text message.

Awkward moments in a new relationship


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