Balance your interest level in a girl to get her more attracted

Playing hard to get with women can work to a certain degree, but mainly it works when you are not faking it.  If you completely diss a girl by playing hard to get, she may like you but also resent you in the long run.  If you want her to like you and also respect you for real, it pays to have some integrity.  At the same time having options such that you never appear too desperate or available sparks her interest even more.  Here are a few tips for being that man she respects while also being the man that she is wildly attracted to.  The goal is to make her attracted with a well-balanced interest level.

Get to know her, while also being popular

Getting to know her is always great because this increases her comfort.  You should take time to know her well enough so that you do know some of her secrets and private things about her.  Focus on actually getting to know her some 75% of the time because girls really want to feel like you like them.  The rest of the time, you can be a superficial goof who doesn’t get too deep.  Show that you can have light fun conversation and that you have fun whether she is around or not.  This is going to make her like you because you are actually interested in her life, while at the same time she will literally crave to hang around you, because you are really fun to be with.

Popularity definitely helps attraction.  If you are not having plans with her on a Friday night you definitely want to leave her obsessing and thinking about all the fun you are having at so and so’s party, a get-together, your night out with the buddies, or on that trip you happen to be on.  Being an adventurous, popular fun guy will make her drawn to you like no tomorrow.  You can do this by expanding your social circles and always having fun things to do.  Keep in touch with friends, take up a team sport, and develop a solid social circle that any girl would want to be a part of.

If your girl notices that you have gotten to know her, but are also capable of getting to know other women because you are always out and about, it is going to reinforce her interest in you.  She is going to vye to be around you and make it into your social circle too.  She’ll also be a bit jealous that you are getting to know other women while out wandering around socially, which is going to make her more attracted and intent on spending time with you.  If you take time to get to know her, but at the same time are a popular guy with a life of his own, she will crave to spend time with you guaranteed.  She knows that if she is not with you, there is a strong chance someone else will be.

Teasing her, while also being sweet

Insulting a girl or what is called “negging her” can work well in the sense that other guys just fawn all over her and tell her how wonderful and beautiful she is but you aren’t one of them.  If you make fun of her a little bit, she will strive to change her behavior to meet your expectations.  For example, if you tease her about something she is wearing or something she says, it’s a little daring and also a little playful.  It makes you come off as the alpha male that is not afraid to put her in her place a little bit.  This sparks attraction in her.  Always tease her in good fun and show that you are attracted to her and flirting with her.  Playful intent is far better than malicious intent, which will only make her hate your guts.  The key is to be confident around her and say what you need to say without walking on egg-shells.

Don’t take the teasing too far however, or she will start to label you as a jerk.  She may still try to date you but you will be planting seeds of resentment and the relationship may go sour if you continue to insult her.  Girls get insulted when they get seriously cut down, stood up for plans, blown off, criticized, or flaked out on.  For example, if you talk about having possible plans on Saturday night and then never follow through on them, it may spark her yearning temporarily.  She will think you are hard to get or be jealous you are with other women.  It will make her want you a little bit more but trust me the seeds of resentment will build and desire will soon be replaced with sheer hatred.

Don’t be the guy that is such a jerk that girls wind up hating him.  Balance that unobtainable thing because hey, you have options.  But at the same time don’t act like a real jerk and stand girls up or dump them cold.  Your teasing should be playful and fun and in a good spirit rather than a mean spirit.  This will show you to be exactly what you are, a hot fun guy that can’t help it if he has options with women.  It’s best if you can show her that you are a great guy that merely has several women after him because of that fact.  Being a jerk, is pointless.  Being a playful fun alpha male however, is worth its weight in gold.  If a girl knows that tons of girls want you, she will be vying to be the girl who actually gets you.  That is exactly what you want which is a girl who is eager to spend time with you and please you.

Ignore her, by also being busy

Ignoring her or feigning disinterest or dissing out her text messages can be just plain mean.  Having a life however, can be pure attraction magnet material.  You need to show her that you are not fixating on her and that you have plenty of things to do.  If you aren’t with her, you are plenty busy having fun elsewhere.  Alternating your interest between being very interested and sexy, and being withdrawn and off doing other things will make her pursue you.  That fleeting panic she feels when she thinks she may be losing you will make her more attracted.  It creates physical attraction.  She will be wanting to cement your bond even more. 

Rather than ignoring her just to play games, you should be ignoring her by virtue of your busy lifestyle.  You have things to do and you don’t have to talk to her all the time every day.  But when you do talk to her, you are fun, flirtatious, and teasing.  If she starts to whine or complain too much, you can ignore her a bit because you don’t have time to listen to her whining all day.  She needs to find something better to do than complain all day.  Alternating between pursuing her and having her chase you a little bit is the perfect combination that you want to find.  There is a balance.  You can tease her, ignore her, and hang out with other people to find a balance of having your own life and being interested in her.  This perfect balance turns you into charming girl magnet but never goes so far as to making you be the jerk.

Make her attracted with a well-balanced interest level


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