Be conscientious of others schedules when sending text msgs

Why is she texting me at 10 am when I am at work? Doesn’t she give a damn about my job, career, my livelihood? I am busy. Forget it, I don’t think it’ll work out

Because texting does not require that the recipient actually pick up their phone and answer the call, people tend to slip up on respecting schedules. Let’s say you text someone at 10 in the morning because you are a student with flexible hours but they are full time employed.

In your mind, you figure that with the 10am text you sent, you are being nice and this person will pick up the text later, read it and respond when they are free. Maybe, on their lunch break. The receiver however, might be in an important meeting at 10:00 and forgot to turn off the cell. beep-beep-beep-beep or a rock text message ring tone might blare off in the middle of the meeting. Embarassed, he’ll think, why the hell is she texting me mid morning when I am on the job. Forget this, she doesn’t respect my career. Seeds of ending it with you are planted.

What about those late night texts he sends to you at 2:00am. He’s been out with his golf buddies, and he’s had a few beers to drink. You’re on his mind, so he starts to text you, thinking you’ll appreciate him giving you text time while out on the town. You, on the other hand, might have something to do at 8:00 the next morning, like take your kids to school. So, that text can be rather annoying if you are woken up from a pleasant slumber. You might think, wow, this persons lifestyle is not going to work. He parties too much.

These two examples demonstrate that you want to be somewhat careful as to the timing of your text messages. Try to respect the work schedule of the recipient and don’t expect them to get into deep long winded text conversations with you while they are at work. Especially in new relationships, potential partners will appreciate it if the person they are dating respects their work hours. Ssssh. Do not disturb them when they are busy.

Likewise, think twice about texting someone in the middle of the night hours. They might not appreciate your Lady Antebellum It’s a quarter after one, and I’m all alone and I need you now text. Always keep the recievers schedule in mind when texting. Showing respect is more likely to help a relationship than it is to hurt it.


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