Been devalued and discarded? Read this!

Has your text message relation gone to hell in a hand basket?  Has he (or she) gone from idealizing you to slowly devaluing you to finally discarding you with a text message breakup?  Odds are not only are you hurt, but you are also obsessing about your replacement.  You know, the one that he treats so well and is doing everything for that he didn’t did do for you.  The one that he calls on the phone more than he texts.  That one.


Don’t cry yet.  If your man (or woman) treated you without integrity, the chances are he will not have integrity in the next relationship he gets into either.  Integrity, credibility, and good character, are character qualities that just don’t exist in a person that dumps you by text message.  Even if their next relationship seems to be getting the royal treatment, his lack of integrity will follow him.  It will rear its ugly head eventually with the new girl too.

Integrity is the ability to adher to moral and ethical princitples.  It’s about the soundness of moral character.  It’s about honesty.  Credibility is the quality of being believable.  It’s about being worthy of your trust.  If your beau dumped you and demonstrated a lack of integrity in how he went about it, chances are this lack of integrity is a deep character flaw that doesn’t leave him just because he left you.

Karma and Universal Law

If you’re left reeling wondering what was so good about the new girl and what was so lacking in you, stop.  Try to take a minute to believe in karma and universal law.  If your ex boyfriend (or girlfriend) damaged you in the end by dumping you callously or smearing you in some way such as through cheating, they won’t have a clear conscience.  A clear conscience is valuable and contributes to ones happiness so just make sure your own conscience is clear and stop worrying about his lack of one.

Acting honorably means you never have to do damage control for how you acted.    If your ex boyfriend dumped you rudely it may have been because he just didn’t want to get exposed for what he really was.  Be it a cheater, liar, or someone that intentionally mislead you, they don’t want to deal with it.  So they just kick you out of their lives by dumping you on text message and never have to take responsibility to talk it out with you or give you closure.

Consider yourself lucky for getting dumped by text because if you try to stand up for yourself or challenge your ex then you will be on their revenge list for sure.  They will target and attack you, even criticize you.  They may even ignore you and pretend you ever existed in their lives at all.  The best thing to do is to not respond to the text message dumping and have faith that Karma will balance the scales for you in the long ru.  Eventually, their mean behavior will catch up to them yet fortunately it won’t be your problem anymore.

If your ex discarded you with a text message you should know that they have displayed a stunning lack of integrity and that character trait is part of their makeup no matter who they get with next.  Not only that, you are seeing them in the praise stage of their new relationship.  You can’t predict what will happen to the happy new couple down the line once their true self emerges.  If you saw flaws in his character trust in yourself that the flaws are still there. 

Trust that Karma will lead to everything coming out in the wash.  If you acted with integrity then you maintained your boundaries and acting with respect and tolerance.  Whatever they choose to do and how they choose to treat you, is their problem.  If your ex lacked credibility with you and you were unable to trust him, it’s a sign of their core moral character.

Devalue and discard


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