Before you send that text to the ex

If you are looking to make up with your ex and wondering what if anything to text him, take your time before you hit the send button on that text message. Try to imagine what your ex will really think or feel when he has to read your text message. If you do that then you will have more of an idea as to whether you can expect to hear from him or not.

Will the text message make your ex feel good?

A text message that will make your ex feel good is the golden ticket to talking to him sooner rather than later. If it elicits a good feeling about you, then expect to hear back from him at some point soon. There is definitely a benefit to meaning well when you write to him.

Will your text elicit no feeling at all from him?

Useless texts or meaningless texts may elicit no feeling at all from your ex or just cause him to ignore the text messages. If you text him about what you are doing or just everyday mundane things because you want to touch base with him, he might completely ignore such messages.

Contact for the mere sake of contact doesn’t usually resonate with men. Men are action oriented. No texts for a while following by something good might get him going more than a constant stream of nonsense.

Will the text message just piss him off completely?

A toxic, accusatory, derogative, or mean spirited text message might definitely get your ex seething. If he has a short temper you might get something nasty back. If he has will-power, he will completely blow you off and you won’t be hearing from him any time soon.

Toxic text messages usually do not get you very far with him. They do say that people who get angry in a healthy way do better in the long run in their relationships. It’s okay to make your feelings known, but don’t pound them into the cement.

Did your ex break plans with you rudely? You can let him know just what you think of that, rather than sucking it up and accepting disrespectful blow-off behavior from him. But once you make your point, step back. Don’t persevere or demand a response.

If you are standing up for yourself, don’t expect a message back right away. He will however, know that he can’t pull shoddy behavior on you without you taking note.

Sugar gets you further with him

If you want to get a response from your ex, try to send something that will make him feel good about himself and the two of you. If he is not responding then more than likely your texts are falling into the second or third situation described above. You are either texting too much nonsense which is causing him to disregard your texts, or you are royally pissing him off and he’s sending you a message by not responding at all.


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