Break free from your relationship texting Rut

Is your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend on the skids? There are two reasons that can be the culprits, one is complacency and the other is bickering. Don’t let your minor relationship problems develop into a long term deal breaker. Here are some tips on how to avoid texting ruts to keep your relationship and love life more lively.

Same old Texting

Falling into the same old boring routine on texting and in your relationship in general can allow things between you to become stale. Do you always plan your dates last minute on text and then get together for the routine rent a movie and hang out date? While comforting, it can lead you into the doldrums with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Don’t be afraid to switch it up and put the spark into your romantic connection.

Putting the spark back can be as simple as planning a surprise or something different. If you’ve fallen into a text only pattern with him you need to switch it up. You might have to pull the rip cord on the texting. When you finally talk on the phone instead, be sure to be lively and plan something special. If you are texting each other Happy Birthday or Happy New Year, rather than talking or being together, you might be falling into a text relationship rut.

Always arguing on text about Something

If you are having differences and always bickering about them when you see one another these negatives can become perpetual and seriously damage your relationship. Don’t try to score points or take your partner to the mats. Avoid arguing about the same topics on every date or on text message. If arguing about your relationship status or other matters are taking over your conversations you should be really careful. Instead of repairing your relationship you might be destroying it.

Make sure to bring up the positives because nonstop fighting is a waste of energy. Arguing with him or her all the time will only result in them avoiding you. Make sure to have fun too and don’t rehash the same tension filled topics every single time you get together or chat on text message.

Other Priorities

Don’t forget to be affectionate. Make him or her feel appreciated with sexy notes or flirtation and make sure you let them know just how important they are to you. Taking someone for granted while choosing to focus on the other mundane priorities in life can slowly but surely erode your romantic connection. If you are the only one doing the work you don’t want to over do it. You must be capable of giving your partner space. But when you do connect, make sure to let them know they are your romantic lover not just a platonic friend.

Don’t let your effort go slack. If you are sexting more than seeing one another, that is a sign that your relationship has gotten lazy. Flirting on text can be good on occasion, but it’s no substitute for a date. Don’t let your partner fall into laziness with you. Keep things spontaneous. Even if you are incredibly busy, a quickie flirtation on text or a speedy love making or romantic session in person can re-ignite the flames. Sending a flirty text once in a while will put the right thoughts into his or her mind as well. Just don’t over do it and deluge them with mushy messages or inappropriate content.

Cutting back on your texting and then sending an out of the blue romantic text or compliment can have the most amount of impact. If you are texting your partner good morning every day like clock work you might want to think about mixing it up. After a while they will become numb to regular daily texts and tune them out. Disappear for a while then send a text out of the blue that will get their heart racing.

Hopefully these texting tips will help you stay out of the rut of a text message relationship. Remember to keep things fresh, change them up, don’t argue all the time, and don’t become too predictable. Keep your partner guessing and steer your romance away from becoming one that’s text only or one that’s on the rocks.


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