Broken hearted SMS messages do they help or hurt?

She totally broke his heart because he would not stop texting her and finally she yelled out to go away in capital text letters: YOU HAVE NO LIFE, GO AWAY. He stood there in agony looking at the texted ur dumped writing on the wall and proceeded to whisper text back: But U R My Life… :'( and then more texts

Imagine how turned on his soon to become ex girlfriend became when she gets a text from a full on man how you are my life. How annoying and obviously she does actually have a life unlike him, if she is telling him to go get one. And, her life does not involve texting somebody all day long.

Broken hearts and texts are actually pretty closely connected these days. Because text messages essentially are these little thoughtless and instant blips from the heart that pour out of you without much fore thought. It’s like touching someone all day long with little messages. So, when you are sitting at your cell phone starting at a text message you are about to send or just recieved, you might at some point debate whether or not to press the send your message or reply toxically to theirs.

If the message you send your ex is pathetic like But U R My Life as above, you might logically understand that it probably won’t heal or cure your pain. And if the person ignores the text and doesn’t respond you might even feel more hurt if not angry. But your heart says, send send send why not let her know how I really feel. Even though, how you feel makes you text like a fool.

If it makes you feel better, you have to understand that when a break up is happening you have a complete clash of your emotion and your logic. They conflict big time and its going to hurt and your mind will struggle with itself in so far as what to do. It’s really common in a breakup to come up with crazy justifications. The more in love you were, the more it hurts. Long term relationships really hurt but so do the ones that didn’t really exist but you built up false hopes and expectations sky high in your mind anyways.

You might have been in a relationship where you weren’t getting what you deserved, not even so much as a returned text. So in your lucid momments you’d thing what am I doing with this person and shoot off some you are a useless friend texts. Then your heart soften later on and you feel guilty and start justifying well but this person kept me company and had a place in my life why should I jettison him or her out if she was serving some sort of purpose for me. It’s not her fault if her feelings weren’t as strong or didn’t exist, yadda yadda yadda.

The waffling that goes on between the two people during or right after a break up makes text comunications absolutely horrendous because the texts often represent the jumble of tangled emotions that are going on and the two different people can be coming from night and day. One could be pouring their heart out in gushing texts all day long while the other wants to smash their phone into smithereens.

It might involve listening to alot of both helpful and annoying words of quisi-ueseless wisdom from all of your friends family counselers and online buddies whose ears you can chew off with your misery. Sometimes just venting will help and the words help. Depending how madly in love with your ex you were, it can take quite some time to get over a break up and if your heartache is severe don’t be surprised if you send hundreds if not thousands of annoying texts over the course of months to the object of your affection. If you texted allot during the course of your relationships and then you really hurt someone whether on purpose or not, expect to get allot of texts coming to your phone.

Hopefully the person kicking your to the curb has been through it before too. They’ll probably try to deal directly with you on it for a certain period of time yet the more you torture them the more they will likely ignore your texts, mentally shut down and consider you an annoyance and a pathetic freak. People have been through breakups and if they recognize your heart is broken they will probably execute a certain amount of patience in letting your texts keep coming until you finally fade into oblivian.

Most people usually just give up after a while and resign themselves to moving on. And the person who leaves them is generally annoyed and harrassed by having to hand hold someone through the process of getting rid of them. On the other hand, they chose to date you and knew you, so, really, if they have to deal with a bunch of texts over a break up its par for the course. As long as your texts aren’t threatening or crazy you can probably do a certain amount of text venting of emotions.

At a certain point, you just realize it’s time to move on because this person is not going to be with you again no matter how many times you do or do not text them. Usually when they ignore the texts they really do want you to stop texting them and leave them alone. So that you don’t harrass a person unncessarily, you can reference some self help books online and read up allot on tricks and techniques for getting over a broken heart. The busier you are reading junk, doing stuff and keeping your hands busy the less you’ll text.

You might have to turn off your texting for a while to stop perserverating over the breakup. Break up pain can be excruciating and its often executed out in grueling detail on text message. However much you texted during your relationship is a good indicator of how bad the texting volume will be because its going to be order of magnitudes more texting when your relationship goes down the tubes.

Try to be good to yourself and take care of yourself. Don’t do any texting that can get you into legal troubles and after you’ve poured your guts our just try and pick up the pieces and get on with your life. If someone does not want to be with you, and does not want to communicate on text about how they don’t want to be with you, then there is not much you can really do.


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