Celebrities dumped via Text Message

Did you land on this site because you are searching for answers on how to dump someone via text or because you yourself were just unceremoniously dumped by text? When it comes to either doing the dumping or being the one getting dumped by text message, you are definitely not alone.

Text dump on the upswing

More and more dating couples think it is appropriate to dump their boyfriend or girlfriend via text message. In a T-mobile poll over 40% of people interviewed actually thought is was ok and socially acceptable to break up via text. The advantage is that there is no big scene or toxic verbal arguments possible. No hysterical drama and crying a river. No drink thrown in your lap. The worst case scenario is that you get a text rant or a bunch of phone calls back as a response that must be screened. There is no embarrassing confrontation when you have to admit you are already rebounding with someone new. Basically, it’s a gutless shield from all of the emotional fallout of a break up.

It’s not just cowardly or hostile breakups that are being shared by text either. People are texting all sorts of important milestones both good and bad. There are text marriage proposals, good news, bad news, I’m pregnant news, its over, engagements, and all sorts of news delivered via text message. At least if you are going to dump someone by text give them more than the cowardly terse U R dumped. Rejection really really hurts so deliver it as humanely as possible. Something like, It’s hard to say this in person, so sorry for the text forum, yet its not working for me. I’m firm on going my separate way. Take Care. At least, it shows that you know you are not being a total jerk to dump via text. A total jerk would say, Lose my number.

Plan what you are going to say and at least make the head chopping sensitive. If nothing else it might actually shield you from an onslaught of hostile messages calling you pond scum. It is my belief that if a person was good enough to date then even if it doesn’t work out or goes south, they should still be good enough to break up with either in person or via a real telephone call conversation. It’s the least you can do.

Sometimes however, the situation is so heated and hostile that an electronic delivery becomes a physically safer option for the person leaving. If that is the case, you can’t blame them quite as much for opting to use a physically removed method of delivering the breakup news.

If you only went on one or two dates and there wasn’t much invested in your relationship, text can be a method of delivery that saves both parties from an awkward conversation. You don’t have to come right out and say that you just weren’t attracted or didn’t like their company. It passes the information without having to hurt anyone’s feelings. The why, what is wrong with me can of worms can’t be opened up as easily on text as with a phone call. Still though, I thinks it’s a super mean way to break up.

I’ve dated guys once or twice that just weren’t for me I decided early on. If they called me to say hi or ask me out again then I would let them know on the phone that I honestly just didn’t feel the click that I felt I needed to go forward. Sometimes they would persist and if that was the case I would follow it up with a text saying once again that I didn‘t feel the match click I needed. But not all people are the same.

Some people (guys in particular) just feel more comfortable doing it on text and removing themselves from feeling that discomfort of actually having to say it in person much less provide an explanation. They know that if they say the truth which is that they just aren’t feeling it, that the girls feelings would likely be hurt so they deliver via a cowardly text instead out of comfort and convenience. The girl will be hurt either way they figure, so they take the low easy road instead of the high road because both lead to the same place anyways which is that they, are out of there.

Top celebrity U R dumped Text Breakups

Here are are a few famous celebrity text dumpings to cheer you up and let you know that you are not alone. That doesn’t make the dumping any less rude to dole out or hurtful to receive. But it does show that plenty of couples are falling prey to the technological age of text message and getting dumped through this unfriendly medium. They all survived the dumping, so can you!

Girlfriend Samantha Ronson dumped Lindsey Lohan by text message.

Charlie sheen goddess Bree Olsen dumped Charlie sheen via text message and he wasn’t afraid to make jokes about it during his ill-fated torpedo of truth tour.

Reggie Bush reportedly dumped Kim Kardashian while a serious of it’s not you it’s me messages. Kim did ok and went on to marry Kris Hunphries which was televised on her family’s E channel reality TV Show.

Kevin Federline received a text from Britney spears saying she wanted a divorce just prior to a TV interview. Things turned out ok for Federline who has having his fifth child with a new girlfriend Victoria Prince and for Britney who has been with Jason Trawick for several years now.

Jessica Simpson was reported dumped by text by Adam Levine who told her via text message that he was too busy, and needed space. She did fine and last I heard was planning a marriage with Eric Johnson.

Rumor had it that Chace Crawford dumped Carrie Underwood by text.

John Mayer reportedly had a phone fight with Jen Aniston and then delivered the final blow via text message with a That’s it, the End text. Mayer is probably still a player but Jen went on to find new beau Justin and she’ll finally be walking down the aisle with again.

In a television interview Simon Cowell confessed that his girlfriend TV entertainment correspondent Terri Seymour broke up with him via text message. Simon is fine and engaged to makeup artist Mezghan Hussainy now.

One of the most beautiful women in the world Cheryl Cole reportedly dumped her soccer star husband via a text message, evidently because he was philandering. He offered to attend sex rehab in an effort to save their marriage to no avail.

Even all the money and fame in the world can’t protect you against being dumped in the ugly electronic forum of text. You’ll have to get over your tears of shame and take heart because stars get dumped on text too. It doesn’t make it any better behavior obviously, but you are not alone. People have their reasons for dumping someone by text and it is considered acceptable to some of them. Try not to be dramatically or emotionally devastated if you get dumped by text. It’s rude and hurtful, but you’ll get over it just give yourself some time.


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