Celebrity dumping and ignoring by text message

I was surprised, having only a vague negative impression of Colin Farrell before reading Your Voice in My Head at how charming, intelligent and like-able he seems – before he calls things off and stops returning her texts, anyway

So wrote critic Maud Newton after she read the book Your Voice in My Head. The comment was referring to Colin Farrell’s romance with American-British writer Emma Forrest. Emma Forrest dated the hot Colin Farrell for over a year. After it was over she wrote a book. The book mainly focuses on her relationship with her therapist who unexpectedly passed away. But it gives juicy details on her love affair with Farrell.

A hot and heavy romance

According to Roberts, she dated Farrell for a year after meeting him at a film screening. The fell in deep and when Farrell was away working on films they texted each-other 50 times a day or more. About a half a year into the relationship Farrell told her he was so in love they should make babies. He said to her “I’d rather die than not knock you up”.  When he got back from his next film, she had even picked out a name Pearl if they had a girl.

Followed by an I need space talk

Emma dressed up as a sexy dancer when he got back into town, thinking they were to have an intense romantic reunion. Instead, Colin absolutely stunned her when he said those dreaded words “I think I need some space”. But he hadn’t broken up with her, just told her he needed space. Then when Emma tried to reach out and continue contacting him with calls and then text messages, she got mostly ignored.

Followed by he’s not returning the messages

Eventually Farrell turned to ice and simply stopped replying to all of her text messages. No response. A few months later she heard that he already had a new girlfriend (actress Alicja Bachleda) and that she was pregnant with his child!  If he needs space it usually means he’s got someone else in mind and doesn’t have the heart to tell you as much.  The whole needs space thing is guy speak for breaking up.

Lessons to be learned in this text breakup

There are a few lessons to be learned in this breakup love story. First of all, relationships that happen on text, end on text. So, if she was texting 50 times a day at the peak of the relationship, she could have expected a lot of texts later on when the relationship was falling like a house of cards.

Second of all, when he says “I need some space” that is definitely a breakup. She took it literally and kept texting, thinking ok space but we are still together. She didn’t really understand that he was breaking up with her but just trying to let her down easy until hopefully she got the point and went away. She didn’t, until after a lot of unanswered texts transpired.

The point is, if they say they need space you can assume its a breakup. Don’t rationalize and give them excuses or believe for one second that it is really just a need space thing.  They figure they’ve let you down nicely and if you continue to pursue they either become silent or downright nasty.  Even though he really didn’t break up he expected her to understand it was in fact a breakup.  To him it was obvious to her it was not.

If they say they need space let them go and see if they come back around or not. He didn’t come back (no surprise), and when she chased him down on text he just went to the next step and became callous to her and starting ignoring her because she didn’t pick up the hint.  So was he mean? Or was she just obsessed and unable to get the hint? Either way, when a guy tells you he needs space there is usually another woman in the wings ready willing and able to fill that space for him.  No sense in texting because he is already gone.

On the whole chemistry and obsession thing

I sort of understand why she kept texting because he is after all, totally and completely and insanely gorgeous and hot beyond belief not to mention a good actor.  And therein lies the problem. You get with someone that you’re that crazy about and they leave, it’s crazy making.  The better the chemistry you had, the harder the fall.  In articles I’ve read she admits it took her along time to get over it. She finally moved on. I bet it was hard to replace him but she really didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Hopefully if you are going through the same heart wrenching situation you will see that this happens to other people too, even writers and celebrities. In a breakup there is so often one person leaving and the other person still very much in love. That’s a recipe for text breakup disaster. The death knell was when he gave her the I need space spiel yet it took her alot of text messages later to figure out he had really and truly moved on.

By the way the woman Collin had the baby with – their relationship went kaput soon after. He went on to date a bevy of babes so Emma named him her gypsy husband. She never revealed in the book that it was Collin Farrell. Emma’s book was actually made into a movie (2013) starring Stanley Tucci and Emma Watson. One second you could be naming and planning a baby with him, and the next second he’s not returning your texts.  Easy come easy go.


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