Compulsive texting

The first step in curing your text addiction is to recognize you have a problem. I think if you landed here from a google search, you probably have a problem. If you constantly have the urge to text someone who does not wish to get the texts, you have a problem. If texting is ruining your relationship, you have a problem. If you send more than a few texts a day, you have a problem. If you have had to increase your text plan to allow for unlimited texts, you have a problem. If you can’t stop yourself from texting a particular person you have a problem. If you send emotional text rants when upset, you have a problem. If you text someone over and over before even getting a response, you have a problem. Step through this quit texting category one entry at a time to go through all of the red flags so you’ll know for sure if you have a problem with compulsive texting.

The first step in curing a compulsive texting problem, is to realize and recognize that you actually do have a problem. It is often linked to an obsessive attraction to a particular person. Sometimes, it can be a rebound relationship or unrequited love where you set your sights on someone that does not return the same feelings. Once you see that, you can literally teach yourself out of your addiction to texting. It might happen cold turkey or it might take you a few months to quit. The key to quitting and what worked for me was to really examine what I was doing and look at the patterns of it. I started to look at how much I was texting, and exactly what my texts were like also. I read quite a bit of material on relationships as my addiction was linked to an unhealthy relationship. I started to follow exactly what I was doing with the texting. It took me a few months to quit and I got somewhat depressed during that time. Nonetheless, I was able to stop.

The better I got at controlling my compulsion to text, the easier it was to continue to control it. Once I could go days without texting, I stretched it into weeks without texting. I did not have to stop my texting plan or give up my cell phone. I just watched what I was doing and started to slowly cut back and back until finally I started to see how stupid the texting really was and I just was done doing it. I could go for weeks without texting at all. I realized I had been wasting a lot of time on stupid text. Now I use text on occasion but I rarely initiate texts, maybe once every few weeks at most I will initiate a text message. I also respond to texts but only with simple responses. I don’t get into it and I don’t get carried away. If I get a text, then I’ll send one back. I send maybe a dozen texts a month now, that’s all. I am literally not into texting at all. If someone wants to talk to me more, they can pick up the phone and call me as far as I am concerned. Only time will tell if my relationship with the person I was obsessively texting will last or ever become serious. I know that texting was wrecking things, no doubt about it. I was like a harassing text stalker and the person I texted despised me for it. Now, I am out of the habit, detached from it, and the person who I was addictively texting is pretty amazed I stopped and still close to me. Who knows we might even work things out. If so great, if not, I learned a lot about relationships and why chasing and badgering a person does not work.

The best part is that I got to write a successful web site resource (Addiction Texting) for people who develop a problem and are looking to do what I did which was Quit Texting plain and simple. Read this entire web site and I guarantee you will think twice before obsessively texting. You’ll also feel better because you get to realize that a lot of men and women get too hung up on text. Once you step back from texting and realize what was going on with you that caused it to become a problem, you’ll be amazed that you didn’t stop sooner!


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