Coping with a Text Breakup

Sorry, its not working for me. I don’t want to be with you, so move on. Don’t text me anymore as I do not wish to hear from you.

Chances are, that if someone broke up with you via a text message or a series of text messages, then your relationship was already on its way out prior to that (otherwise, they would not be doing a text breakup). If you are getting broken up via text you probably didn’t heed the other attempts this person made to leave you so its come to this breakup text(s).

If you happen to have gotten hurt by a matter a fact text break up odds are not only are you going to be hurt by the breakup itself, you are going to be hurt by the method of delivery. Sorry to say, breakups are happening by text message all the time. It’s cowardly, but convenient.

If you are coping with a text breakup, try to create space between you and the person and cut contact for a while. It’s hard to get over someone you were with. And its really hard to stop texting someone you were in text contact with every day. It is going to feel like your texting thumbs have been cut off.

Some time and space should lower the probability that you will do something stupid like send a long text ranting response to the break up. Just give up for now and wait. Don’t text repeatedly expressing your upset, anger, or pathetic frustration. Bugging them will only server to irritate and annoy them more.

If you were broken up by text its best to just let it go. If some time passes and when you are calm enough you can respond. Responding prematurely without thinking through what you want to say is likely to be regrettable. As you reflect on a relationship that would up in a text breakup then its time to really think about if there was a viable relationship there in the first place.


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