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Were you a normal person just yesterday yet today you find yourself crazy text messaging your boyfriend or girlfriend?  Are you wondering why you just cannot stop texting?  You came to the right blog!  Sometimes texting too much is a direct result of the fact that you are in a toxic relationship.  I repeat, you are in a toxic relationship.  You need to leave the person alone, stop texting, end the relationship, and move on.  But instead, you text! 

Don’t give a lousy boyfriend or girlfriend the reward of engaging them.  Don’t get sucked in.  Don’t give them the option of silent treatment-ing you as punishment either.  If this is you (being made crazy then becoming crazy by texting back nonstop) then this blog post should help.  Remember that texting too much just gives someone the opportunity to call your behavior unstable.

The ability to love

This excerpt comment was sent in from an anonymous reader from a word-press site called The Ability To Love.  That particular blog is about getting over breakups and toxic relationships. On that site there were many women who commented on how they became obsessive texters while involved in toxic relationships.  Here is one of readers who wrote in text addiction scenario in a nutshell. Maybe you can relate to it. This particular woman found herself texting her ex incessantly and miserable over her behavior after the fact.

The extent of my ‘madness’ took the form of texting…day and night , maybe at peak times as many as 30 a day, or more, it was constant….a one way dialogue, questioning, questioning, asking why, apologising, pleading for forgiveness. It totally broke me.

I was so ashamed of my behaviour.

Something deep had been agitated and I was out of control, spinning.

I thought he was the innocent victim….OMG….and this created real psychological problems.

But as you have said we are then forced to dig deep into our souls for the answers….the journey to hell and back hurts like hell, but I hope and believe ensures we never go there again.

I remember doing a computer course and I hadn’t turned up for weeks…when the woman asked me where I had been, I replied To hell and back. She replied, That sounds like a mighty long way! She was right.

I wonder if she had been there too.

If you find yourself crazy texting an ex love, or texting too much in an attempt to make up with someone, you might want to visit some websites on toxic relationships.  After authoring hundreds of articles and people writing in to addiction texting, it becomes obvious that sometimes the person texting like crazy really is sick.  But in many cases, the person they are texting is helping to make them sink and they just haven’t been able to detach from a bad supply. 

Is your ex boyfriend or girlfriend making you too emotional?

Before you get a stalker cease and desist letter or get into some sort of legal trouble for harassing your boyfriend (or girlfriend or ex) step back from the relationship.  Stop texting and do some reflecting on the whole entire relationship.  It is possible that this person is unhealthy for you and bringing out your worst obsessive behavior?

If you are texting to much, especially up to 30 texts a day, and its a one way dialogue, it’s a toxic relationship.  Either you are chasing after someone who is literally not interested in you (and risking getting into legal trouble for harassing them) or, this person is an on/off toxic boyfriend who is leaving you dangling, putting you through bad breakup makeup cycles and treating you wrong. 

Your over-texting could be a displaced reaction to being hurt and even abused.  What you really need to do is leave this relationship.  Many women and men in abusive relationships will text, leave voice-mails and try to contact the very person who is being mean to them!  Abusive boyfriends will often meter out the silent treatment and this presses the panic text button in many women.  If you are sending hysterical texts or leaving voice-mails screaming at a boyfriend for standing you up, cheating, etc, look out!  You may be enmeshed in a psycopath world relationship that you really need to get away from, even get therapy to get over!

Is your relationship with him healthy?

Men love women who are emotionally stable and calm. If you are finding yourself texting out of control it is time to start regaining your will power and control of yourself and your behavior. Texting like a nut will not get you what you want. Even if you make up with him you will be laying down a dysfunctional pattern in your relationship that is likely to repeat itself in the future. Even if your boyfriend does forgive you, it is not a constructive or healthy thing to do.  Keeping your cool is the healthy thing to do.  You might make up in the short-term after a text episode but no normal man is going to get really serious about or have a happy relationship with a girl that acts like that.

Anyone who makes you crazy, makes you contact them like crazy, pushes all your buttoms to where you are doing stupid stalker stuff that you have never done before, is someone that is wrong for you!  Stop contacting that disordered person who is making you go bananas and get away from them instead!  Stop texting and get yourself healthy.   Who ever you are texting is dangerous for your emotional well being.  They are hooking into your insecurity, deepest wounds, and vulnerabilities.  They are making you text!

If you are one-way texting after someone who has stopped talking to you, it is never healthy for you or for the relationship.  Hopefully this article can help you see that maybe you are being driven a little nutsoid from this particular partner and maybe they just aren’t inherently good for you.  Stop texting and start thinking about what kind of relationship you really want to have.  It isen’t one where you are hysterically texting someone is it?


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