Creating romantic desire when you text

Desire is an absence of something. Since men and women write to me asking for texts and how to use texts that will make him or her addicted, I thought I would talk about how to apply the concept of desire to the way you text message and give tips about how to make him or her attracted, addicted and craving you. It sounds counter-intuitive but the reality is that the more you are absent on text, the more the person might desire you. Yes it sounds counter intuitive but it is in fact true. Desire creates attraction. Here are a few key texting tips to keep in mind which should help you make him or her more attracted to you.

Your texts should be missing until they get one

Texting on a daily basis to touch base is comforting however it may not create chemistry, desire and longing in your partner. For that reason, its best to never establish an attached by the hip style of texting with your boyfriend of girlfriend. If she or he is texting you more than you text him, then you might have found the right balance of texts. To create desire in your man or woman using text they should always be working to try and get a text message out of you and not successful all the time. Oddly enough it is a good thing when you are too busy, not into texting, or don’t have time for it. If you set the pattern of not constantly texting she or he will be barred access from expecting texts out of you all the time. That makes hearing from you more suspenseful and greatly anticipated. That’s the secret of desire because it makes you be missed which means the person inherently has to have that feeling of longing for you. Bingo that’s a good thing as it creates a slightly insecure and suspenseful tension and fuels attraction.

Show that the possibility exists by sporadically texting

You don’t want to fall off the texting map completely otherwise the person will give up all hope and look for somebody else. Therefore, sporadic texts will give him or her something tangible to consume and relish. You want to be somewhat inaccessible but at the same time you need to dangle the illusion that you might just become attached at the hip every now and again. That gives him or her something to relish and creates yearning for those types of texts from you all the time.

The secret to attraction with Text

The secret to creating desire in your girlfriend or boyfriend using text messages is to give them a sporadic taste of really cool text messages to create the illusion that you have the potential to be there all the time for them to consume and rely on your messages. However, they have to dwell on the possibility that you’ll send them good messages to them and not rely on them. The possibility of hearing from you exists, but they don’t ever really get full satisfaction in having you wrapped around their text finger.

What we desire is desire itself

So in conclusion, if you want to create desire using texting then try these two tips. Don’t text that much or that often. When you do however, make it really good conversation. That way she or he is always desiring your messages and getting a taste of it but tragically unable to rely on a regular pattern of texting. You want them to love your texts so much that they get saved in the inbox and reread over and over. Keep them waiting and wishing for more too and every now and then make that wish come true by sending messages. The secret to it is that people don’t desire satisfaction as much as they desire the possibility of satisfaction.


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