Dating deal breaker from a matchmaker

Elite matchmaker Christie Nightingale has made millions matching up men and women looking for serious relationships. She is a dating consultant for the TV show The Bachelor. Nighingale has stated on Yahoo Shine in an interview about dating dos and donts that she feels pulling out your cell phone on a date is the number one dating deal breaker. It’s the number one faux pas.

The gorgeous matchmaker recalls a woman’s reason for not accepting a second date from supposedly prince charming. The reason was that he pulled out his phone on the date and started using it. The woman he took out recalls him pulling it out twice on the cab ride to dinner, another three times during the meal itself, and again on the way home from the date.

Nightingale told the rich, powerful, and handsome CEO of a company that his date was turned off by the cell phone use and he was shocked to know he was so blatantly and obnixiously cell phoning on the date. He didn’t even realize it.

Basic etiquette on dates is to avoid pulling out the phone to the extent possible. The text message incoming to your phone can wait. Try to treat the date like the movie theaters do. Silence is golden and turn it off or switch it to vibrate mode. If you are a single parent and fear a call from the sitter, check your subtly for that. You can always excuse yourself to the restroom if you get a call that might be important.

If you want to find a lasting relationship then give your date priority and your full attention. It’s basic dating etiquette. I went on a date where someone checked their text messages and made sighing expressions, raised his eyebrow, and uttered noises while reading his text messages on his cell phone. Granted we knew each other well enough and it was not a first date, but it still ran across my mind as a tad rude. And it turns out that person was rude in other aspects as well. So, obnoxious cell phone use could be a warning sign of disrespect.

If someone is texting during the date or writing social texts while spending time with you then take note. They might not be as into you as you think. Someone looking for a hookup will take a date with you far less seriously than someone that is truly interested in getting to know you. Texting during the date is a warning sign that this person may not only be a prolific dater but a prolific texter too. If you wind up together with this guy (or gal), you might be the one who is texting him whilst he sits on a date with someone else!

Daters take note. Texting and cell phone using during your date is a no-no and if your date is texting take note because he is easily distracted and not respecting you. It may be inadvertant on his part, but if it becomes a pattern then consider it a warning that he may not be smitten.


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