Don’t beg on Text

I’m begging you to take me back. Why aren’t you answering my texts. Why won’t you talk to me. I need you.

As a general rule don’t beg on text message. Begging on text is an obsessive behavior. Begging behavior includes things like asking for a second chance, apologizing repeatedly, promising to change, and acting like you won’t survive without this person. Repetively asking how the person is, when they don’t seem interested in talking to you much less telling you how they are, is a form of begging.

As counter intuitive as it sounds, when you feel like sending begging texts is probably the same point at which you should be backing off (and not texting). You can let someone know that they have hurt you. But don’t beg. This person needs to know that it’s their loss and that you can and will survive without them (even if you know thats a lie).

One outcome of begging text messages is that you don’t want a person to work things out with you or make up from a dispute because of pity. If someone makes up with you out of pity it won’t work out in the end anyways because pity only lasts for so long. If someones heart is no longer into something, ultimately it will fail. The only pity, will be the pity in the pitifull.

If you’ve sent a series of texts pleading your case, pleading to make up, or just pleading with someone to listen to you, it’s begging and it likely will not have a positive outcome. Watch yourself for multiple and numerous pathetic sounding texts. Lots of pathetic texts equals obsession. If you thumb back through text messages you’ve sent and you sound pathetic, it’s time to stop. Delete your outbox or record what you’ve sent if you feel it would help. Then, clear your mind and don’t send more texts that beg about the same issue. State you case, and then stop texting.


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