Don’t text and drive, walk, fly or do any other potentially dangerous behavior

Spread the word that you should not text and drive. If you text and drive you are 23 times more likely to have a car crash. You need to know the dangers. Even if you have a minor car accident, think of the nuisance that it brings to your life. If you were to rear end someone while texting the accident can snowball. A seemingly innocuous fender bender can become a major whiplash claim against your insurance policy. If you have low limits on your policy you could put yourself into automobile accident stress for years.

Consider that you could have a major accident and hurt someone. And, that even a smaller auto accident is still an accident. Accidents take time, effort, and energy to resolve. Every mark on your record can affect your automobile insurance premium for three years. The penalty for an accident in which you are at fault can run hundreds of dollars per six month installment of your insurance.

Texting is a major danger because if you are looking at a text, reading a text, composing a text, or just pressing the send button, all of these take your eyes away from the road. Imagine a school age child walking across the street as you roll into them because you are distracted getting a text from your ex. Is your ex worth that? No way. Happy Halloween and keep eyes on the road. Remember that the lives around you are way more precious than that text message.


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