Drunk text from your ex is it good or bad?

So it’s Friday night and you are tipsy and drunk text the guy or gal you dated six months ago. Common dating wisdom advises you not to do it. Put down the phone. Assume the ex does not want to talk to you and if they wanted to talk to you then they would have called you.

If he or she has not called you then that generally means that they have moved on with their lives or at the least that they are trying to move on. So you have to ask yourself why have you not moved on with yours?

I personally know of one couple where the girl contacted her ex boyfriend after months of no contact following a fight and a break up. They were not on speaking terms for months. His ex girlfriend called him up and said she missed him. In truth, he missed her too and they wound up getting back together with one another and recently got engaged. So it can happen. But the important thing to recognize is that it did not happen out of drunken-ness or a drunk text. Their relationship reunion happened as a result of both reflecting on their relationship and one of them making a move to get back together.

Drunk texting and ex will never be as welcomed by your ex in the same manner that calling them up while sober and lucid would. When a man gets a drunk dial from a girl he dated me might look at the phone and see her name and roll his eyes. He might tell his buddies how dating you briefly and then dumped you. His friends might hear describe all of the embarrassing details about how you are stalker girl who doesn’t know when to give up, ergo your late night text. If you really want to make up with your ex, drunk texting is not the way to do it.

If you think that texting while drunk and leaving a slurred message will somehow get the other party interested in you again then think again. If you called this person when sober would they even answer the phone or would they screen the call? If you are drunk texting because you know perfectly well they won’t pick up then I would not bother. I would only say that if you find yourself wanting to drunk text and ex then you may want to consider that you still have feelings for the person. If that is the case, call them during the daylight hours and talk to them. Don’t drunk text them.

If your ex drunk texts you, how should you interpret it? Does it mean they want to get back together with you? As far as interpreting whether a drunk text from an ex is a good or bad thing, that depends. If you are genuinely over this person then simply ignore the text. If you really liked the person then the fact that they drunk texted you at least showed that you were on their mind when drunk. Although it is probably not wise to respond to a drunk text, perhaps you could touch base with them later and see if they still have feelings for you.

Sometimes when breakups happen the person claims they are so over you. However, over the course of months they do miss you and feel the pain of the break up. They miss you too even though they try to hide it. If you miss them then they may in fact miss you. If this was someone you cared about and you get a drunk text you can view it as a sign that they do think of you.

But don’t fall into the drunken tunnel of love with them. If you get a drunken text from someone you want to get back together with then it doesn’t hurt for you to tell them to give you a call during the day or when sober if they are serious. If they really care, they will follow the drunken text up with a phone call after hearing that you aren’t opposed to talking to them.

Take a drunk text as a mild sign you are still on the persons mind. That being said, try not to get engaged into a back and forth text conversation with an intoxicated person. If you still like them, then let them know you are busy or sleeping and they can contact you later. That way, you give them a go ahead for a genuine phone call. You also avoid becoming the proverbial late night call, the one they call in the wee hours of the night after all of the clubs are closed.

Never allow anyone to come over to your house if the get together originates as a drunk text. You’d be a fool and you’d also be setting yourself up to be texted late at night in the future. Don‘t become the late night fallback girl. Besides, you don‘t want anyone driving to your home intoxicated. It’s just plain dangerous. 99 times out of 100, if you get drunk texted then the person texting is in not condition to come over for a visit. It’s a good idea to ignore drunk texts. Don’t respond to them.


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