Drunk Texting your Ex

It happens to the best of us. If you’ve gone through a painful breakup you will surely have that occasional experience where you have a few drinks and get to thinking emotional about your ex.

Drunk Texting

You might go through all of the things you found wrong with the person from their ticks and habits to the mean things they said during the breakup. If deep down you were not to pleased about having broken up, it puts you more at risk for drunk texting them when under the influnce. Therefore if you still feel emotionally fragile from the breakup go easy on the drinks.

Truth Serum

Alcohol can work as one half truth serum, and one half stupidity serum, depending on whether you are the glass half full or the glass half empty school of thought. It’s just as easy to start thinking about how much you love your ex as it is to start thinking about how much you hate your ex. Suffice it to say that if your break up is somewhat still new you are more at risk for drunk texting your ex than if it has been a good long while. What ever the case is, the booze may weaken your resolve to stay away and increase temptation to text you ex.

If you dare go there and drunk text your ex

If you are just feeling sorry for yourself or messed up for the night it is really mean to drunk text your ex. Particularly if you have no plans to get back together with them and they really liked you, it can be considered leading them on. Drunk texting them could give them false hopes and ideas that you aim to make up with them. They might hold you to promises that you spout out when drunk and then bludgeon you for your stupid comments, lies and broken promises later on.

Be careful not to drunk text your ex for your own selfish reasons. If you really do miss them and want to get back together then drunk texting them can at least show them that they are still on your radar. But thats it. If you hope to get back together with this person you should call the person after you sober up to apologize. If you hurt the person or did them wrong then drunk texting could be offensive to them. If they really are upset with you it is unlikely that drunk texting will advance your position. If it happens at 2:30 in the morning your ex might get totally discusted that you have the nerve to drunk text them. Some might take it as a compliment but it can be considered a turn off to others.

Don’t drunk text an ex you have no plans to be with. It is unfair to them to sucker them back into obsessing about you. So unless you really miss them and have ideas to continue having them in your life it is best to let it go. Drunk texting could be pouring salt in the wounds and it also could lead to a highly emotional text rant.

Usually when you drunk text them you have a dumb idea to go see them. This happens with sex buddies all the time. A drunk text could lead to a late night hookup. In the typical scenario, hooking up does not really fix things nor does it solve things nor does it make things better in the long run. Whatever broke you up will still be there in the morning. Besides, noone wants a drunk driving and putting people at risk much less showing up intoxicated at their door step. So, if you must drunk text at least try not to turn it into a can I come over agenda.

Lastly, think if you can before drunk texting because you may want to hide under the covers come morning over the stupid comments you make. If you have a bad habit of harrassing an ex with texts when drinking consider erasing their number from your phone. Hopefully after a while you’ll forget the number and without it on your phone you won’t be able to text them. If you can’t leave them alone just remove them from your contact list. Drunk texting will be sure to create alot of drama so just be sure you want to go there.

Words for the Wise if you get drunk texted

If you get drunk texted by your ex here are a few words from the wise. Don’t try to engage them in any deep conversations or for that matter serious conversations about their breakup with you. They’ll do everything from claiming they love you to saying they hate you to asking you if they can go into business with you. They won’t be making any sense. The fact is, they are drunk and the likelihood of them really following through on any of their drunken banter is slim to none.

You’ll be tempted to interpret a drunk text as a promising thing especially if you are still pining for your ex. You’ll try to see the positive in the fact that you popped into a drunks mind and popped out as a text message. Just remember though that you don’t even know if they drunk texted you and two other ex girlfriends too. Use your logical thinking cap when trying to glean any real logic out of the drunk persons banter. Maybe you’ll get you hopes up that they want to get back together with you, but don’t hold them to it. If they really wanted to get back with you they would go through the actual steps of picking up the phone and apologizing or asking you out. So try not to read too much positive into a drunk text because it’s not a real statement about their wanting to get back with you.

What a drunk texter says can’t be held against them and it was spoken shooting from the hip. If they had any real consideration for you then they would call you during the real daytime hours not drunk. So don’t jump to a conclusion that they want to get back together with you. They could just be buzzed and feeling sorry for themselves. Maybe their new girlfriend or boyfriend is out of town for the weekend and they are looking for some backup plans. The point is, you don’t know where they heck they are coming from and their drunk texting could be more selfish than it is caring about you.

Don’t try to talk to a drunk texter if you can avoid it. Chances are if you don’t respond then they will give up rather quickly. Responding means possibly engaging in a conversation with them and since they are drunk the conversation would be useless. All it is, is entertainment or an annoyance. Beyond that don’t read too much into a drunk text and avoid responding to them too. This person knows where to find you and they will do so when not drunk if they so desire.


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