Drunk Texts and Funny Text Messages

Text messaging can be the fastest way of communicating with your friends and acquaintances, but if you’ve been drinking it is definitely not the best one. This is particularly true when it comes to guys and text msg. If you find yourself drinking one to many cocktails on a Saturday night, you may slip into violating the golden text rules and issuing drunken text messages to be mortified by next day.

You will surely awake the next morning with a smashing headache and feeling totally neaseous, wondering what drunk text did I send last night? Hopefully you made it to your own bed safely and without hurting others which you can consider a good thing. When you reach for your smart phone, the dread will set in. You’ll probably scan your texts hoping that nothing too revealing had been texted.

Drunk texting is always a bad idea, obviously drinking is a bad idea too. And, two wrongs don’t make a right. Hopefully if you have drunk texted last night and regretted it come morning, you learned your lesson. Nowadays, its not just teens that fall into drunken texting. Adults get caught drunk texting as well. Even celebrities are no strangers to scandalous texts and you’ll find news headlines of them texting drunk, sexting, bootytexting when they married, and even breaking up their marriage or relationship on text. They are just like the rest of us, but in their case anything they text can and will be used against them in the tabloids.

Country singer Tim McGraw has said in red carpet interviews that he is no stranger to dumk texting. He claims to have started to slur his texts. His wife Faith Hill would know instantly if he had been indulging in alcohol. He would get himself in trouble based on his drunken text messaging. McGraw admits that drunk texting helped him realize it was time to quit drinking. He has been happily married, and sober since 2008 and has three daughters with Faith Hill. In an intervew with People magazine he confessed that Faith kept him alive and if it weren’t for her he would have been dead from partying too hard.

Having surfed the net for drunk texts and read too many to count, I can only say that they really make the person who sent them look like a total jerk. If it’s texting about sex or a one night stand or some escapde, it just comes off as 100% sleezy and stupid. I get submissions like Oh Yeah hey bro I did this that with that check, etc and they all start to sound the same and incredibly dumb. What follows here are some of the more tame yet ridiculous texts that you might find in the outbox of a drunk texter. Hopefully, you will realize that your drunk text was a poor decision. Humor aside, if you find yourself clicking through drunken texts on your phone, maybe its time to realize you need to not only stop texting but stop the drinking addiction that caused it too.

Did I always have a dog?

Are you the one I was with last night?

I don’t think this is my house.

Where am I?

I think I’m gay.

Who am I talking to?

What do you want?

I’m thinking of picking up on this chick so she’ll give me a ride home.

I can’t text.

Do you want me to come over? I am coming over.

I never should have dumped you.

I lost my wallet.

Where’s my phone?

Do I know you?

If you have ever drunk texted and recall a funny or ridiculous text message, be sure to comment below. Inquiring minds want to know exactly what you drunk texted last night!


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