Dumped by text dating story

In this text rant which was sent in by the woman, a woman and a man were involved in an on off casual relationship for several years. It broke down repeatedly because the woman wanted more out of the relationship like a commitment or future whereas the man did not. They got together on and off through the years. It ended with an ugly text fight breakup. The man had started seeing someone else briefly. Although it didn’t pan out, it made the woman here realize she was getting far less than what she deserved from him. They spend Christmas Eve and New Years eve together, but talks about their nebulous relationship status nevertheless escalated.

She made more demands on the relationship, and that caused it to fall apart. He did not want a serious relationship with her. The woman probably should have let things lie, moved on, and not bothered sending the text rant she did to him. She did not stop and this conversation went to the mats and they broke up for good. They don’t talk to each other any more. She texted him way too much. Leave comments below.

Guy: Good luck bye

Girl: Sorry for using you as a scratching post. I still like you. I’m miserable when we fight. Maybe our Christmas and New Years Eve date wasn’t so bad after all.

Guy: Stop playing dumb.

Girl: You were with someone, I had to deal with it, I texted you too much and got upset over it, well now I am over it and I am sorry. I am sorry.

Guy: Listen with both ears we are done. I don’t care if you are sorry, sad, or mad. Just grow up and get over it and stop texting me now.

Girl: What? I am listening. What happened yesterday you accepted my apology.
Girl: I still like you and don’t want good luck wishes, I want you.
Girl: Look I don’t like who I’ve met. I still like you. I am trying to say sorry.
Girl: Yes we weren’t exclusive but you were with someone it hurt me. What do you expect I was jealous sorry for bugging you all day.
Girl: I am not playing dumb I am trying to move on and meet other people it does just make me wish we could be together though. But I am not dumb.
Girl: I hear what you are saying but still not understanding why you would dump me. It’s understandable I’d be upset if you were seeing someone else even though obviously that’s your choice.

Guy: Get over it.

Girl: Why would I expect you to get off line that’s where you get dates. Why don’t you take a break for a few months and try to be with me?

Guy: I don’t want to be with you.

Girl: Why not.
Girl: What is wrong with me?

Guy: I am not interested.

Girl: Well I am jealous of you meeting pretty women on the internet dating, when we still continue to see each other. Can you blame me?

Guy: I don’t care.

Girl: You know, I like to dress up go out put on makeup look beautiful and do all those things, go on dates and do things like a couple.

Guy: All women do. I don’t want to be with you leave me alone.

Girl: Well then why do we have such good chemistry then? You have had so many meaningful relationships in the past 8 years how is that really working out for you? It’s not like you found true love with any of them. We keep gravitating back together.

Guy: Listen, get over yourself. You are not special.

Guy: None of your business what I do. I know you are not working out that is for sure I am done with you.

Guy: I will never try anything with you.

Girl: I guess I struck a nerve didn’t I. How do you know its not working out with me right after you just went with someone else and I’m hurt by it.

Guy: Stop texting.

Girl: I don’t want this fight yet how can it work out when it’s just texting and some intermittent intimacy? For it to work out it takes two. You don’t try then call it my fault that it’s not working.

Guy: You’re the most annoying woman I have ever met I really think you need help all the money in the world couldn’t get me to be with you. You are so lost.

Girl: I am not annoying I am persistent and I don’t want to give up on the right guy.
Girl: What do you really want, a girl that never texts you and then high fives you when you start seeing someone else too?

Guy: You are definitely the wrong girl for me.

Guy: I don’t want a woman, and I definitely don’t want you.

Girl: How do you know? You’ve never treated me right but pass opinions on me as though you have.
Girl: Part of it is how you treat the person. You put me through a lot of messed up obstacles then judge me unfavorably.

Guy: Wow you really don’t get it I feel bad for you. Maybe you need to slow down. OK listen, we are done. Get a dictionary or ask one of your friends what that means.

Girl: Yeah right, call me on the phone all this is just a text. You always make up with me when the latest and greatest fantasy woman fizzles and becomes reality.

Guy: Why don’t you wait and see if I come back. Ha ha. Bye.

Guy: I don’t want to make it work with you.

Girl: Try a casual relationship with texting as a primary means of communicating with any woman I’m sure it won’t work out. U expect a miracle out of me.

Guy: I expect you to understand English at a second grade level.

Girl: You don’t need me we both know it. I still believe you care more that you will admit.
Girl: A woman gets treated right so then she acts right so then she is the right one for you okay. Can you seriously say you’ve treated me right?
Girl: All this day we could have been having fun or having lunch somewhere. Instead you do that with other people and fight with me.

Guy: I don’t want to be with you are you kidding me? You are a child.

Girl: Well I wanted to be with you I seriously do.

Guy: I don’t care.

Girl: Well I do.

Guy: Dream on

Girl: I will because I have just as good a chance as a new women on internet dating. Maybe not a good one, but it is one.
Girl: You don’t place any value on us until later when you miss me.
Girl: You are too busy to deal with me but not to busy to meet, date, get involved with, then end things with, someone else and then tell me about it.
Girl: You are always too busy to deal with me yet did it occur to say sorry when you knew that you hurt me?

Guy: I am not saying Sorry.

Girl: If you were creative and I know you are, you would make things work for the both of us even though we do want very different things.
Girl: Most of our psyco text fights have to do with you and you dating other women.
Girl: Why do you think I am talking to other guys now, and made a dating profile for myself. It is not to make you mad it is because you keep saying we are nothing. I obviously hear that.
Girl: I’m angry about that too because I don’t wish to be dating. I’m sorry.
Girl: It is not your fault that I have zero patience to let you contact me in your own time. It’s not your fault I fell for you either. It isn’t.
Girl: It is your fault to belittle what we do have which by the way has outlasted all your short term relationships you’ve had.
Girl: If you knew I needed more emotional support and phone calls did it occur to you to do that or did it occur to you to spend a day with me like I wanted to so we could have fun together?
Girl: I keep trying to make up yet my needs don’t get met so it devolves into a text message fight.
Girl: Blame your latest for our fight because it’s the fact that you wanted to pursue a relationship with her that poisoned me.
Girl: Being with you at this point seems pointless knowing you were willingly offering more to her. Never mind that it fizzled you offered her more.
Girl: Maybe when it fizzled with her you could place a value on people that actually care so much about you. But no, you still don’t. That is sad. Whatever, bye.
Girl: If I want to stand by and see you while you search for the real thing you were fine with that arrangement.
Girl: Can’t say I blame you for your selfish point of view but its disappointing nonetheless. Bye.
Girl: I have you, my own version of Brad Pitt right under my nose and yet I have to go out and look for guys because you don’t want to be monogamous with me.
Girl: You are so stubborn and selfish what a Taurus it has to always be your way or the highway. You are so frustrating.
Girl: You’ll have a new girl in no time and this whole thing is so frustrating. I never get anywhere with you. Wow.
Girl: A new girl will be on her very best behavior ur right there is no competing. You are so annoying.
Girl: I realize I make everything worse by over texting impatiently yet I’ve been patient for years hoping we’d be more than a casual relationship.
Girl: You will just meet someone else you don’t even act like you care. You are quite mean and all that you do winds up hurting me.
Girl: I’ll stop texting if you try to be with me. I know I text too much.
Girl: Maybe you could try with me then judge it not just assume it would be horrible.
Girl: Well if you diverted all of your effort into dumping me and finding someone new, into making it work with me maybe I would be right for you.
Girl: Fine. You won’t come back my gosh. I know there are other women and you will have one soon.
Girl: It will work with a woman you treat right so its utterly unfair that you don’t treat me right then judge us based on that.
Girl: One can get a brand new person or change the way they treat a person who they’ve already been with, like me.
Girl: All this texting why not go spend the day with me talk about stuff then. A lot of this is caused by you.
Girl: How much did that woman mean to you anyways? I’m sure you put time into her. You don’t try with me then expect perfect behavior.
Girl: Look if we were together I would be happy I would not be sitting there texting you. You’ve been the man of my dreams for years.
Girl: I’ve only met someone on a date it’s not gone beyond a meeting. You on the other hand, have had other relationships.
Girl: You probably dated a dozen women since we’ve been seeing one another. This conversation is going badly.
Girl: Well I am not special to you but you were to me ok. You were special and unique to me.
Girl: Get over yourself? I never claimed to be all that. You made it clear you dated attractive women, and I never said I was all that or thought it.
Girl: I guess the right woman for you would be a lot nicer than me. I am starting to think I am not nice. Wow.
Girl: I don’t think I am all that. I felt we had good chemistry and I loved that and that’s why I thought you liked to be with me was what I meant.
Girl: I guess that intimacy with that other woman was so incredible that being with me is officially not all that and I need to get over myself.
Girl: Ur clueless about my life and only know me in the limited relationship we had thanks to you.


Girl: We always make up. If I criticize you and text too much we are done. It’s only when you are mad. I am trying to make up. You are so selfish!


Girl: Yeh if someone has typhoid would you breathe in their face? Why should I respond to your insults.
Girl: Loser if I bother to stick up for myself it takes 100 texts. You are mean. Have a nice life.
Girl: You should be happy I finally stuck up for myself.
Girl: The beautiful Latina woman you dated did me in. Perhaps the perfect woman for you is just a more selfish taker who has her fun with the right attitude and then was done.
Girl: 4 years wasted thanks a lot I’ll delete all these messages. Have a nice life bye.


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