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Have you ever been with a man and absolutely blew it with him?  Blowing it can be any of the following major man repellent mistakes.  1) Expecting or demanding a relationship with you’ve only known him for a few months, 2) Assuming a relationship exists just because you’ve been intimate, and 3) Giving him a relationship ultimatum.   Theres also another one which is 4) Flying off the handle and losing it by yelling at him, screaming at him, freaking out, or sending psycho text messages to his cell phone.  If you’ve done any of these relationship no-no’s keep reading for a simple one, two make up with him tip.

First of all, if you want to make up with him, give him a little space

The first part of the tip is to give your man a little space.  That means, offer a simple apology without expecting a response, then back off and let things blow over a little bit.  Wait at least several days or preferably weeks.  If he said he never wanted to see you again or told you to take a hike, you might want to wait a couple of months.  Remember that if you had a nasty breakup you only want to give it one or two shots to try and makeup.  Beyond that, you’re harassing him.  That’s why its good to back off a bit and regroup. 

You only have a couple chances to get things back on track with him before you’ll be out of line to bother him.  So, you need to try and get it right when you try and make up.  If he’s still upset with you and hasn’t had a chance to unwind, you’ll be blowing your one chance to make up before you even try.  So, do give him and yourself adequate space.

Second of all, if you want to make up with him give him an ego stroke

When you do start talking to your boyfriend again, you’ll want to get communication going on a positive note.  Since you have already apologized, don’t get back into the fight issue unless he brings it up which he probably won’t.  Just get in touch in a positive tone instead.  Step off onto the right foot by complimenting him.  You do want to get back with him right?  Think of the reasons why and then be sweet to him and let him know what you miss or what you appreciate in him.  This will set a positive tone with him and segway away from the fading fight.

A compliment is akin to an ego stroke, and if you really desire this man and want him back, let him know what you saw in him, or what you miss about him.  What is it about him that you love?  Let him know.  By giving space and time for the fight to diminish and then re-approaching him in a positive tone, you can really turn things around with your man.  You can definitely re-ignite his attraction and emotional connection to you by trying this technique.  Remember, don’t make it phony or contrived.  Think about what you really miss and just be honest and let him know.

Why giving him an ego-stroke is an easy tip that works to get him back

When you break up or do something that makes him break up with you, it can be pure agony.  If you really upset him he will back off to the point where he will say something like he never wants to see or hear from you again.  It’s almost like his attitude towards you changes on a dime.

If a man sees scary, pushy or needy behavior, he can really shift his thinking away from a woman over it and it can happy quickly.  It’s almost like a wind shift, there might have been certain qualities or issues he was seeing and then he just snaps and decides to stop seeing you.  While its shocking to see a man turn his back on you, take solace in knowing that just as quickly as he turned his back on you, he can become interested in you again.  He’s only human and experiencing emotions himself.  If you make a few sweet moves you could very well re-ignite his passion for you.  He could be back in your arms just as quickly as he was running for the hills.

An ego stroke helps as long as it’s an honest one and coming from a genuine place.  It takes him back to thinking about what it was that attracted you two in the very first place.  He was attracted to you at one point so have faith that if you diffuse the situation with an apology, give him ample space, and then stroke his ego by letting him know his qualities that you adore, you’ll be well on your way to getting him back.  Give yourself one or two tries to reconcile.  If you don’t hear back from your man within eight weeks time, then you can move on knowing that you gave it your best shot.  You tried, your dignity is still in tact because you didn’t lose control, and if he doesn’t respond at least you know you did your best to have a positive interaction.

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