Etiquette and Texting

While most of us know the basics of how to use common sense and remain polite in human society, these basic rules of text etiquette go right out the window when our fingers are feverishly texting.  There are two ways in which we can forget etiquette when it comes to texting.  The first, is the language and tone of our texts themselves.  The second, is when we are rudely ignoring those around us while we are obsessively texting someone.

Some of the main text offenders are texting while driving, texting while talking, texting while in the movies, and those annoying text bells and whistles that make noise that bug the people around you.  Texting in places such as the church, restaurants or class is also considered bad manners.

In terms of the texts themselves, texters should realize that texting is an electronicly traceable medium.  Heated text conversations can include swear words, inappropriate language, threats, crazy sounding content were it to be taken out of context, and so forth.  Remember, this is a trackable medium.  If someone one were to record your text messages would it make you look like a total psycho?  If so, rethink your behavior.

For the most part, there are so many billions of text messages all become a bunch of noise.  Not even a country like China could monitor all the texts that are passed between people.  Granted the government might not see the texts you send, but rest assured the recipient sees them. Therefore, don’t send texts that have demands or include suggestions of pornography, fraud, violence, crimes, terrorism, or gambling.

Remember that your texts could be documented if things get heated between you and the recipient.  Think about what you text and ask if it could be taken out of context and used against you in the future.  Also, pay close attention to those around you.  Whether it is the road you are ignoring, or a toddler, people needing your focus will be affected by your being distracted.  The people around you might construe your text habit as being rude.


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