Flirty text messages for him

Here are some great flirty ideas for texts that will send him running … right to you!  The basic idea of your flirty texts is to make them suggestive without them being explicit.  It’s a less is more vibe that you have to create in order to get his thoughts racing.  Remember that you do not want to send texts that single you out as a sex object that he can objectify.  This means, not over using and over abusing flirtation.  Don’t do it all day long, don’t do it all the time, and don’t get too explicit with him.  Always remember that you want to come off as his fun girlfriend, not as a free movie clip.

Tantalize him with a mention of trying on clothes

One flirty message is to let him know you are trying on some clothes and need his opinion.  This can be done in a flirty way, suggesting maybe that you are trying on lingerie, sexy shoes, or a snug fitting dress.  Just the mere allusion to you dressing in something alluring will get him excited. 

Another great way to flirt is to prep him before a date.  You might want to suggest you have snacks for him, picked something up, or are dressed and ready him.  This will get him drooling in anticipation for hours before you really see him.  When sending pictures to a man keep it G-rated.  A great picture in a dress can work better than an exposure picture.  Remember, these things stay on his phone so be sure to vet whatever you send him.

Text him a little inside secret that turns him on

Telling him a secret will always work wonders.  Flirt with him by letting him know you were thinking about a certain something he did to you, for example how he kissed you the other night, etc.  This will let him know that you are on his mind and that he turns you on.  Nothing better than a compliment about how he made you feel incredible!  Private inside little things you two shared will work well for this one.  Just don’t pound it into the ground.  One little tidbit is all he needs.

Use food flirtation with well-known aphrodisiacs

Food flirtation always works great with men.  This can be anything from dripping chocolate strawberries, to a whip cream bottle, to mentioning sushi or other well-known aphrodisiacs.  Associating flirtation with well-known flirty foods is fun, light and entertaining.  Trust me he will gobble up this sort of flirtation, and eat the food too.

Tempt him with a text that you have fun surprise in store

Any sort of surprise for him will get him turned on like crazy.  This can be rearranging things for a get together, a get together at an unexpected time, or some other plan you concoct.  He will love it if you are on his mind and you are working to please him in some sort of great flirtatious way. 

Get into costume party and dress up play

Anything having to do with dress up or costume play will drive him crazy.  Men love ridiculous Halloween costumes and sexy dress up time.  He can go into fantasy land and forget about his problems in life for that period of time.  It is like childs play and complete cat nip for men.  Tease him with your Halloween costume shopping and be sure to be a cheerleader, school girl, hot for teacher, cop, nurse or something else ridiculous because he will love it guaranteed.  You can get a lot of flirtation mileage out of occasions like Halloween.

Text him that you have naughty thoughts but leave him hanging on the details

You can let your man know that he is on your mind and that you are having naughty thoughts. But the key is to not venture into dirty explicit as those sound cheap.  As a rule of thumb, never say anything that would mortify you were his friend to pick up his cell phone and read all his messages.  That means, you can tell him that your thoughts are R-rated, but when he texts you asking for specifics, you leave him hanging and let him know that you will fill him in … in person.  Always leave something to the imagination and act like the girlfriend would and not like the easy hookup girl would.

Work your body for him by learning some physical abilities, then text him an invitation to a private performance

Men like girls who can do cool things with their body.  This could mean taking a yoga classes and learning the splits, or taking a pole dancing class and learning how to gyrate.  The idea is that you know how to do interesting things with your body not just your mind.  Even cooking in a hot outfit works for this.  The idea is to develop some unique talent with it be singing, cooking, dancing, stretching, or even jumping rope.  It boils down to being able to have some tricks with your body not just your words.  Men love 3D action.  If you put on a talent show, even better.

Once in a blue moon, text him a desire to go out-of-bounds and do something really spontaneous

Every once in a while, go out-of-bounds with your man and do something a little bit kooky and crazy.  Men like adventure, fantasy, spontaneity and imaginative play. Whether it means sleeping under the stars or playing strip poker or getting a hotel spontaneously, it is all good.   You don’t want to do this sort of thing all the time or he will get numb to it all. 

The idea is to show him that you are emotionally mature and stable by never getting too raunchy or nasty.  But every once in a while, the playful little kitten in you comes out and really wants to play hard.  If he knows you can be a trusting girlfriend but that you can cut loose and be spontaneous, he will love you for it. 

Give him a preview of what he may be in for be slowly feeding him delicious text message tidbits.  Once you are actually together could follow though with your idea of a pillow fight in lingerie, arranging a hotel room as a surprise, making a sexy video.  Do something out of the ordinary and surprise him when he shows up.  Whatever you do will stick in his mind for ever.  Get wild with your ideas and shake things up every once in a while.  Dress to kill.  Change your hair or your look.  Show him you’ve still got it and remind him of why he liked you in the first place. 

Flirty text messages


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