Flirty text messages for him

Are you wondering what to send your crush?  Here are a few flirty text message ideas.  Remember that you should keep your texts infrequent, short and sweet. 

You want him to pursue you!  Sometimes, you just want to send him a flirt.  The thing to remember is to keep it light.  Men don’t mind cheesy, sweet texts as long as they are coming in small doses, they love it!  Don’t text him too often because texting too much dilutes the value of your texts and makes him tune out.  Make him wait for, cherish, and devour your sweet text morsels.

Don’t be tempted to sext message with him!  Leave that for the relationship.  Texts should be flirty but never nasty or raunchy.  No matter how tempted you are or how much he goads you on, do not send him explicit messages or photos.  Leave those for other girls, not you!

No explicit words, photos or sexting allowed as they are a turn off!  Stick to suggestion and keep it clean on text.  The less you know him, the cleaner your texts should be.  If you are merely dating, then simple what’s up texts or was thinking of you, are all you need.  Keep your texts sparse and let him come to you so that you can guage his interest level in you. 

Make sure you don’t become the pursuer because that only trains him that he can wait for you to contact him.  Don’t text him too much.  He needs to learn that to have a date with you, he needs to make consistent contact on his own.

These texts are flirty but clean, and appropriate for someone you recently started dating.  Do not get more suggestive than this with someone you are just getting to know.  It’s too soon.

Hey u:).

A short and simple sweet text recommended by Seventeen magazine.
He’s sure to come over and say hi!

Think you need a vitamin me …

Nothing too explicit in this sweet text but it will get his mind thinking about what a dose of vitamin you will do for him

When i think about the last time we were together it makes me blush!

This will let him know he is on your mind which is exactly where he wants to be

I picked a great outfit for our date tonight, it’s a surprise.

This one will have him thinking about you all afternoon before your date. All you need to do is wear a dress and heels!

Here are a few more risky ones, some from Redbook magazine. Use these ones on your bonafide boyfriend (not just a date).   These are for men that you are exclisively dating.

I’m trying on bras but I need a second opinion.

It’s fairly suggestive so reserve this one for boyfriends only, not appropriate for someone you just started dating

My thoughts went from G-rated to R-rated today, Hmm can’t imagine why 😉

This will let him know you find him attractive!

Can’t wait to see you later, you’re about to get beer, chips and of course the best of me!

Use this to reward him for treating you right.

No rules tonight.

LOL he won’t know how to contain himself if you send him this message. Beware!

Don’t keep flirting, save it for the date instead

Here is another tip for flirty text messages. Once you send the first one, he will probably respond wanting more, and more! He will tease you and want you to get more explicit texts than the one you originally sent. Don’t do it! Never get too naughty on text message and don’t allow him to drag you into the naughty mud. Do not send explicit photos on text.

Here are a few responses to nip his naughty text backs in the bud. The idea is to tease him, then lead him right into asking you out again.

You’ll have to wait until our next date …

This will nip any further suggestive conversation in the bud. It means he will have to ask you out in order to hear more, which is what you want!

I’ll tell you later …

This will keep him waiting for more, but don’t send him more later. Odds are, he will text you back in a bit asking you when later is!

My plan for tonight is to make you appreciate chocolate as much as I do, you’ll see.

A flirty one, you could send him a chocolate covered strawberry photograph along with this text.

I found a costume you’ll like.

Men love costumes and they love dress up themes like Halloween outfits

Gotta go but tonight I’m giving you a gift certificate for one wish that I will make come true.

We know he will present that gift certificate at the door so watch out with this one!

I have to go now, off to my pole dancing class.

Obviously this ones for adults only.

These texts may seem cheesy and dumb but men are simple and dumb that way. Something cutesy and fun is all they need to perk up. Men love it when you leave something to their imagination.  Just remember that if you are dating somebody your texts should be toned down. You can get a little flirtier with a serious boyfriend.

Don’t send what you wouldn’t want others to see or read

Just make sure that if your boyfriend left his cell phone out and someone got a hold of it, you wouldn’t mind them reading what you’ve sent. Bring on the flirty but leave out the sleazy for the best result. The last thing in the world you want is to feel mortified that someone unintended read your texts.


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