Get him addicted to you with this text message style

Do you want your man to become addicted to you and are wondering what type of romantic text messages to send him?  Here are a few simple text message tips that will keep your man going crazy for your texts and coming back for more!

Don’t text him too often

If you want your man to be hanging on your words the key is to keep your texts down to a minimum.  That way, when he gets a text from you he will become excited about it.  Make sure to meter texts out to him in morsels.  Don’t text daily or at the same time of day.  Be sporadic. If you refrain from text messaging him all the time it shows that you have a life, and also encourages him to call you more which is even better.

Show him a good personality

You should not be reaching for anecdotes or waste of time text messages.  Don’t text him little nothings for no reason as they tend to devalue your text.  Keep your texts upbeat and show your best personality.  Keep foul language or rancid comments out of your text.  While you don’t want to throw yourself at his feet, he should know that when you two do text, you are into him.

Use good etiquette because you are girlfriend material

Every once in a while a racy text or a photo or sexy sext message can be fun, but for the most part, you want to use good etiquette on text.  Don’t be the wild girl he texts for a jump off.  Be the girl that he would introduce to his friends.  To give off a girlfriend personality you should use good etiquette, keep obscene language out of your texts, and refrain from sending texts that are overtly sexual.  If you are flirting too overtly on text it can turn into a turn off for him and take away his need to be challenged and pursue you.

Flirt lightly to make him attracted

Don’t send pictures or messages that are too naughty.  Leave something to the imagination.  A hmm I was thinking of you and your strong arms wrapped around me, or the other day was incredible when we kissed, is just as good of a flirt as something more explicit.  Try to imagine he left his cell phone sitting out on the table and his buddies or room-mates reading his text messages.  If that were to happen, you want all of your texts to be clean and G rated.  If you are going to flirt keep it light and girl-friendly.  Make him want to see you in person if he wants more attention than that.

Don’t complain

Using text as a venting, fighting or complaint venue is the fastest way to drive your man into the arms of another willing woman.   These type of text rants won’t advance your relationship anyways.  If you are upset just zip it and think carefully about what is the right time and place to bring up a grievance.  A man does want to feel like he pleases you and also that you respect him and his phone space.  If you start to nag him on text he will tune you out and want to spend time with someone who appreciates his company.

Stick to the plan

Another good strategy to adopt if you want to make him addicted to is try and stick to the plan. That means, keep idle chat down to a bare minimum and try to focus on logistics. Rather than telling him what you ate for lunch you should be confirming plans or handling logistics. This makes you less available and less of a conversation doormat. If he wants more of your undivided attention he has to pursue you and make plans to see you.

Don’t text him for hours on end about nothing no matter how much he goads you into it. You are not a automatic application he can flip a switch on only when he is bored. You should be too busy to be someone’s doormat girl. Trust me he will value you more.

Use silence to your advantage

If you do have an issue with your man the best strategy is to make yourself a little scarce and exhibit self control.  He might know that you are upset and your ability to not lash out will impress him and make him come around.  If he has messed up it can take quite a while for his conscience to catch up to his actions.  A man may have intimate relations with an overly emotional woman but when it comes to relationships he is going to want a woman who can control her emotions for the right time and place.  You should not be a pushover by any means however you should have a good level of self control not to babble at him on text.

Have a back bone

If your man is canceling a date or blowing you off and not returning a text or otherwise doing something that is disrespectful you need to have a back bone. Having boundaries even on text will show him how you expect to be treated. For example, if you don’t wish to be text messaged late at night make that clear to him and if he does breach the boundary delete his texts and ignore them.

You don’t want to be a woman that he can rail road and disrespect. That being said, show your back bone tactfully and only when truly warranted.

For example if he cancels plans with you via text message, let him know that is not acceptable. You could text back a single text that gets to the point. In the future, if you really have a need to cancel on me I’d prefer a phone call. Then, stop talking to him for the night. The idea is that you don’t have to get mad but you do show that you are able to flag bad boy behavior and that it is unacceptable. A succinct response is way more effective than starting to complain about you always do this, you always do that, blah blah. Don’t bring up the past just stick to the point at hand. One simple text that hits your point out of the park without obscenity is far more effective than a dozen texts moaning and whining at him.

There you go, if you want to get him addicted remember that your best personality is what you should bring.  Give him good attention in very small doses is the key.  That will keep him coming back for more.  Think about his inbox.  You want him to save your texts in it rather than press delete, delete, delete.


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