Get him back what is the best Comeback to him never texting you

Anyone who has been blown off by a man asks themselves what is the best comeback response? Its hard to lose someone you love and not know how to get him back. You even don’t know if there is anything proactive you can do can get your ex back.

Women who get blown off ask themselves what is the best comeback to get their boyfriend back. Most of the time, dating advice specialists recommend that if you are blown off that there is no sense in getting mad or sad at your ex. Why would you even trying to push yourself on a boyfriend that does not wish to be with you. Dating coaches say try to accept it, busy yourself and move on. They say this is the best approach not only to move on but also to encourage the ex to feel and miss your absense in their lives.

If you are in madly in love and your ex dumps you by text message it will make you so crazy. You will want to text him and call him like crazy to ask him why and get into the details and figure out how to turn things around. If he dumped you by text then unfortunately the odds are that he does not wish to engage in any negotiation conversation with you and thats why he did it by text. Get him back dating advise is always to STOP trying to contact him. STOP texting him.

So, the comback to him never texting you, is to STOP texting him. Real simple and I will explain why NOT calling or texting will make your ex miss you more than hounding him.

If you are hounding your ex to try and stop his leaving then he will consider it needy, clingy, immature desperation and there will be more wind in his ego to leave and stick to it. Harranging him will only serve to drive him away. You don’t want to look desperate and available by constantly trying to make contact and show up where he is at like a stalker.

Show this person that you are strong and independent. Whether you want to let him think you are okay with this break up or whether you want to tell him you wished you didn’t break up is up to you. What is the most important is how you act. Act like you can handle his leaving even if deep inside you are truly hurt and not feeling so OK.

Men like women who know how to act. And that means if they try to leave you in the dump dust, they expect you to know how to act. They want you to act like an adult and be able to handle it without ranting on text or having a text tantrum.

If they see you handling the breakup and stopping the contact with them, they will think twice. They will wonder if you have met someone else or really don’t care enough to keep begging for forgiveness and a makeup. Once he realizes he can’t have you is when he contemplates the loss. So, whether he comes back or not you really need to get through his never texting you and never text him back.

Not calling or texting is the first elemental step to getting a man that left you back into your life and into your arms. It will not happen over night. You might have to go your own way for months. You can’t play head games you really have to move on as if he doesn’t exist as part of your love life anymore.

In order to really move on you are going to have to work on yourself, get over the emotional devastation, look up old friends and start doing whatever you were doing with yourself before you met this guy. Remember, your life existed before he came into it and you are going to have to get back to that.

If you are dumped or your man is pulling a disappearance act on you, assume that you’ve been downgraded to the occasional text and pretty soon he will never text you. An angry or pathetic comback to him never texting you will probably do you little good. You can let the person know you miss them but I’d leave it at that. The only comeback is to stop texting and get on with your life before he come into it.

The hardest part about implementing a comeback to no texting by not texting him either, is that you always want a comeback that involves doing something active. You think of talking to him, writing emails, texts, leaving messages, gifts, memorabilia, etc. You want to feel like you are doing something. But not texting feels like you are doing nothing and giving up. Thats the hardest concept to grasp. Trust me that sometimes silence speaks the loudest message of all. Being silent is doing something!

Please believe me that not texting is actually doing something. Not texting is demonstrating something very important to him. It is showing that you can control your fingers. It is showing that you know how to act like an adult. It is showing that you have self control. It is showing that your life will go on with out him. It is showing that you won’t break down or die because he left you. It is showing you have a backbone and a spine.

Not texting him is giving him dead silence so he has a chance to actually miss things that you did together. So to answer the readers question as to the best comeback to him (or her) never texting you, the answer is the best comeback is to never text him back again. Quitting texting him seems like doing nothing but rest assured it is a comeback and it is showing a very important trait in you and that is self control.


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