Get over him with a clean break

If you ex is in love with you, it is easy enough to get revenge.  You get it by living well, looking amazing, being happy, living a full life, and moving on with someone new!  But what about when your ex was never that into you in the first place?  He (or she) doesn’t care what you do!  Here is where both women and men go crazy!  They want to somehow get revenge on an ex who was never that into them in the first place, or perhaps was but has now completely moved on!

So your ex is already moved in with someone new, and you sit home on Friday and Saturday nights wasting time obsessing about the betrayal?  There is no revenge.  You can’t hurt your ex, you can’t turn into a psycho (don’t), you can’t slander them, if you gossip they don’t care, contacting them just makes you look like a stalker, and so … you are stuck.  What to do?  Clean break.  The best you can do to get revenge on someone who never really liked you in the first place, is to just throw in the towel and get a clean break from that person.

Get revenge on an ex who doesn’t care about you with a clean break

A clean break means, you just break away clean, lick your wounds in private and get on about the business of picking up the pieces and your life.  That means stop the calling.  Stop the texting.  Stop the contacting.  Just stop.  This person doesn’t care and you will only be providing them with grief, and ego boost, and demented entertainment.  If he wants to disappear into the sunset with you convieniently never bothering him again do that.  If he calls you between relationships for an ego boost, just don’t even respond.

Obviously he is getting to you, but never bother to let him know it.  This means being completely indifferent to him.  And mean it.  Deal with your own life.  Start dating other people.  If you are too depressed to date start a workout program or get into something radically different than what you have been doing.  Or, just do what you always do, and count each day.  After about six months you will be able to get through the day without worrying about this person.

In a few years, they will be a distant memory but not someone you obsess about from a moment to moment basis.  If you are thinking about this person every minute today, in a month from now, it will be every hour, in six months from now, it will be every week and so on.  Pretty soon you will slowly start to realize that life goes on with out him.  Eventually, you will find another man to crush on.

As you do not see this jerk for a long time you will get a better perspective with his flaws.  For example, did he betray you?  Did he treat you poorly?  Did he introduce you to his friends, or invite you into his life?  Was he honest with you?  Women who obsess over texting, does he text, why doesn’t he, why is he missing in action, and more, are usually in such bad relationships that they are in complete denial.  In fact, more often than not, these are relationships hanging by a text friend based mostly on flirtation and hookups.

Since everyone relies on text message nowadays, it can take quite some time to realize that you are in a go nowhere relationship.  This is right about the time you are asking questions such as why do I always have to initiate, why does he ignore me for weeks and more.  Don’t get into a fake relationship consisting of you obsessing over someone and their communication or non-communication with you.

A real relationship is a real relationship.  You will know it!  It is not going to be texts every week or few weeks.  This person is going to call you, introduce you to people they know, and text you as an ancillary to lots of other forms of communication that happens regularly.  Don’t get so far gone from reality that you think a booty call is a relationship.  It is not.  It is the furthest thing from it in fact.

If you want to get revenge on someone who is blowing you off, do it with a clean break.  Give up, release any false hope, and start the process of getting back to reality, and people who actually like you!  If you are obsessing about him or her going on to treat someone the way you wished you had been treated fret not.

If you weren’t being treated well it matters zero how well they treat the next person.  For whatever reason, they actually want to be in a relationship with the new person.  But they did not want to with you.  The reasons can be plentiful, but what is the point in obsessing over why you weren’t good enough in their eyes?  All you can do is make a clean break and focus on yourself.  Don’t ask yourself how they move on so quickly.  Some people will string you along and then when they find what they think they are looking for drop you like a hot potato.  You might feel blind sighted yet in retrospect you will understand this person was merely biding their time.

Think of the person you are breaking from as some stranger in the street.  Do you obsess over who they are with?  No!  Do you sit home and obsess that you are not with Brad Pitt?  Of course not.   Make a clean break for it and let this person drift themselves back into the land of zillions of people who you are not with, and do not obsess over on a moment to moment basis.   Eventually, this dismal relationship will just be a mere blip on the radar.  Clean breaks work.  They are harmless, and a surefire way to move on from a relationship in witch there really is no way to get revenge, because the other person doesn’t genuinely care about you or your life. Knowing they did not care, or cared so little, makes this type of relationship the hardest to get over.  A clean break really and truly helps!

Get over him, get over her, with a clean break


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