Get your girlfriend or boyfriend back by not texting them at all

Did you ruin your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend by arguing over issues then winding up in a text message UFC fight culminating in you getting dumped?  It happens.  If you want to get your boyfriend or girlfriend back you can try this simple trick.  The trick is to adopt the motto that people want what they can’t have.

People want what they can’t have

People always want what they can’t have.  It’s human nature to try and strive to get things that you want.  Let’s say you have a pool right in your back yard.  You may not even use it that often.  Someone who doesn’t have a pool however, might be jealous of all the fun you’re having.  The person who has it tends to take it for granted, and the person that wants it will work hard to get the money to afford one.  The same thing applies to your ex rejecting you.  The underlying problem could by that they take you for granted and you want them more than they want you.

It’s true that your ex may be rejecting you because they’ve determined over time that you two just aren’t compatible.  You aren’t the one.  If that is the case then there is really nothing you can do about it.  You can’t control what people want or choose for them who they want to be with.  It takes two.  Sometimes however, breakups happen not because one person discovered the other is not the one.  Somtimes breakups happen because there is a fight or serious of disagreements that pushed them away.

Stop texting and communicating with your ex altogether

Texting constantly is akin to whining, crying and complaining to them.  If you do that, you are likely to push them away even further.  You’re always there under foot, bothering them, and they have a natural tendency to want to get away from you.  They’ve gotten to a point where they take you for granted and you aren’t special anymore. 

If your relationship is salvageable you can try this mind trick on them, in the hopes that they still like you and may see you in a different light once you stop texting and become less needy.  The trick is to go your own way.  Stop all text and all forms of communication with them.  Pull the rug and stop bothering your ex.  Stop begging, convincing, texting, pestering and negotiating with them.  Cut contact.  Let them think you don’t want to be with them either.  Let them know you’re moving on and pursuing other interests.

What this does is make your ex wonder why you aren’t there like a doormat anymore begging for their attention and texting them all the time.  A few weeks will pass and they will get curious to know whether you are seeing someone else and are even happy.  Perhaps some jeolousy will build as they realize that their wish came true, you aren’t around for them to take for granted.

Go into no contact mode

If you really like your ex its going to be hard.  You have to convince yourself that you really are moving on and are over the whole relationship.  Remain strong with no contact for several months.  You’ll be forced to get used to the idea of being without them.  Hopefully, after some time passes, you ex will break down and get in touch with you.  At that point you could start communicating with them again and maybe even work on things to get back together if they are open to it.

If you never hear from your ex for months after you’ve quit contact, then they most likely have moved on.  It’s still a win because now you really are closer to getting on with your life too.  You’ve survived no contact for months so you can just continue it.  If you really still have feelings for your ex you can drop them a quick text.  If they pick up bait and start to talk to you about how they’ve missed you maybe you can salvage the relationship.

Mind games that are good for your own behavior

Using tricks like pretending you are over them when you aren’t can be considered as playing games.  At a certain point mind games are just that, mind games.  You have to be true to yourself.  But there really is merit to removing yourself from an ex and showing them that you are independent and your life is going to go on fine without them.  You don’t have to let them know that you’re struggling with it.  Try to fake it like you are over them until you really are.  Think of that quote fake it until you make it.  Sometimes acting a certain way (over them) can help you become that way (over them).

The more distance you create the more they’ll like be tempted to reconnect.  The more independent you become the more you are likely to attract them back.  If you were a groveling, texting, pathetic crybaby over the breakup and then in a matter of months pick of the pieces and cease contacting them, they will take notice.  Sometimes you ex moves on and there is no hope.  They might be relieved that you are over them and no longer their responsibility.  Yet at least with this strategy of making them want what they now cannot have you have a chance at getting back with them.  If you try and fail you lose nothing.  What were you going to do, continue to hound them and bother them?  That would have done no good.  So you really don’t risk much here.

Be careful what you wish for.  If your ex was mean to you then ask yourself if you are sure that you really want to get back your relationship with this person.  If you’re sure go for it and good luck.  You entire goal here is to reverse the pattern of you chasing after your ex and hopefully for once they’ll be chasing after you once you touch base after a long no contact period.


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