Gorgeous kid found guilty of texting and driving, don’t let your breakup cause a car accident!

Do you text and drive?  Use the cell phone and drive?  Most people do even though they aren’t supposed to.  Even if they don’t blatantly hold the phone up to the ear screaming officer ticket me, they do use that cell phone while behind the wheel.  It’s on the sly.  To pick up a call, check messages, see who just texted you.  Maybe you do it at the stop sign and think it’s OK.

Maybe you hold the phone down lower in your lap and only do it when you are setting up the blue tooth, plugging in corded ear plugs, or flipping the phone to speaker phone mode.  Or, maybe just a quick message check or two letter text reply of OK.  All it takes is one split instant in time to get into a car accident and hurt someone.  It’s scary.

A Massachusetts teen Aaron Deveau found his life changed when he was found guilty in a texting while driving case.  Aaron was 18 when convicted but 17 at the time of the accident.  He is probably the first driver to be charged and actually convicted of motor vehicular homicide because of texting.  Deveau pleaded not guilty but was ultimately found guilty of violating the texting law.  His cell phone records evidently showed he was texting.

Deveau was text messaging and got distracted.  His car swerved across the center line of the road he was on and crashed into another drivers truck.  The driver killed was Donald Bowly and he was the 55 year old father of three children.  Bowly’s head was injured in the crash and he died as a result of the head on collision.  These three children lost their father in a horrible trajedy.

It’s so sad obviously for the father who died innocently driving and for the teen who permanently altered his life by texting and getting into a freak accident resulting in a someones demise.  It’s negligence.  It is negligent to read or send an electronic message and that negligence led to crossing over a road line (also negligent) and actually killing someone.

Deveau’s lawyer claimed that Aaron was distracted but not texting but the records showed him texting then receiving a message within literally two or three minutes of the crash.  Deveau sent almost two hundred messages that day.  He will likely get three or four years of time in jail but will get out sooner than that.  The father that died obviously won’t get his life back.

Car accidents are so incredibly scary. You go through life thinking that a deathly car accident won’t happen but they really do happen.  You could be the one causing the accident or the innocent one caught up in the accident.  It is often some sort of negligence on the part of one or more of the parties driving that causes it to happen.  A terrible auto mishap happens in a heart beat and people get hurt.  Cars can veer into other lanes and also veer off the street onto sidewalks where pedestrians stand or walk.

It is sad but it is safe to say that one should exercise extreme caution with the cell phones while driving.  Even using blue tooth or speaker phone is scary because in those seconds that you fiddle to get the phone call set up you could roll or pay less attention and someone gets hurt.  If you aren’t paying attention then notice something going awry you have less time to react, correct yourself or respond to an unfolding car accident.  Accidents happen in a matter of mere seconds in time.  It’s the snap of a finger.

Be careful about texting and driving!  If you are involved in a collision it is easy enough for police to use your phone records to verify if you’ve been talking on the phone or texting.  If you do so, it’s negligent and you will likely be found at fault for the crash.  That means, at fault for homicide if someone dies.  That also means, responsible for someone getting hurt and even possibly losing their life in a texting or cell phone tragedy that is perfectly avoidable.  Imagine if you kill passengers, your best friends who are riding in the car with you because of your texting or drinking behind the wheel.

Are you tempted to text your boyfriend or girlfriend like crazy because they just broke up with you?  Are you angry at someone and want to text on your way somewhere in the car.  What ever you do, don’t text while using your car because your trivial breakup could turn into a non trivial car accident wherein someone gets injured.  Sort of makes a break up some like no big deal, doesn’t it.  In the grand scheme of things, it may not matter who your incoming text message is from.  What matters more, is the peoples lives on the road around you.


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