Got a crush? Don’t wreck a fledgling relationship with over zealous texting

We probably can never tally up how many of us have had fignts and arguments over text message with our crush and even with our significant other. With texts being so common, many fights between dating couples happen on text message in some way, shape or form.

One of the biggest fighting factors is when text messages are ignored by the other party, or when text messages are ambiguous and wind up angering the other party. A really bad argument can happen as a direct consequence of something as simple as ignoreing and not responding to texts and emails on that blackberry of yours. The other party can get irrate over the non response or even over a slow response time and a bad argument can then ensue on text message.

If you are in a fledgling relationship you want to be very careful that you don’t destroy it with texting problems. For one thing, don’t send too many texts in a series. If it takes more than ten texts to say something then text messaging is not the appropriate venue for saying it.

If you are dating someone and they text you then don’t play games with them by giving a delayed response or non response. If you genuinely like them then try to respond because if your response is slow in coming they will take it as a sign that you are either rude, not interested, or dating other people. You could lose your chances to pursue a relationship with somemone you like if you blow off their texts. If you are not into texting then call the person instead and you can also let them know how you prefer to communicate.

Don’t touch base with a new potential partner too much throughout the day. It could have a smothering effect. Even though the texts aren’t in an immediate series they can still be interpreted as a rant that is just happening slowly over time with hours and days interpersed. Some people don’t wish to be contacted so often and they will take it as a sign of neediness or desperation and get turned off. Texting is fine, just don’t give the minutes of your life to a person who may not want to hear the minutia.

When in doubt, read your texts out loud to yourself before sending them. If they sound questionable or too pushy then stop for a second. Are you sure you want to send that text message? The best policy is to put any questionable texts you are about to send into your drafts folder. Then wait 24 hours and look at it again and make a decision as to whether you want to press the send button on it.

If you are texting when emotional, angry or upset about something you can really start to rant on and on and you will undoubtedly shoot off text messages that you will regret very much come the next day, week or month. You’ll be asking yourself, why did I do that? Why can’t I control my emotions. Relationships often end when one person comes to the conclusion that the other person just doesn’t know how to act and can’t exercise control. An apology does not fix it. Once someone thinks you pop-off they will draw conclusions.

Try not to text when mad as those can be the worst text message rants. You can literally dump someone or say you don’t want to see them in a tiff and within a day greatly regret what you said in a text message. Instead of issuing a long winded apology it would have been better not to send the regrettable text messages at all.


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